• How to install phpMailer in a shared hosting environment?
    To install the PHPMailer download its source files and include the required files manually:   1. On the PHPMailer homepage download the ZIP file with the source code; 2. On the right click on the “Clone or download”; 3. Select the “Download ZIP” option; 4. Unzip the package placing th..
  • What are the advantages of PHPMailer?
    PHPMailer – an open-source library for sending emails. Today it is one of the most popular ways to send emails for PHP developers.   Why use PHPMailer?   The simple mail relies on the server email subsystem to work and when you want to change some settings like the SMTP server or the aut..
  • How to create custom error pages in cPanel?
    When visitors visit your website and experience an error, they see an error page. It can happen, for example, when users enter an incorrect URL or don’t have access to specific directories. Usually, companies customize error pages to their corporate style and add a link to their home page. In thi..
  • How to connect to Web Disk?
    What is Web Disk?   Web Disk allows you to create a folder on your computer that connects to your hosting account directly and allows you to manage and control files on the web as easy as if they were stored on your local computer.   How to access Web Disk?   1. Log in to cPanel. ..
  • How to Disable Anonymous FTP?
    Note: Anonymous FTP is useful if you want to make some content publicly available to download. It is not reccomended to use anonymous FTP, because it allows any person to access FTP without entering login credentials and can cause malicious software uploads, which can harm your website.   To d..
  • How to manage posts in WordPress?
      Adding a New Post   Go to WordPress Dashboard. In the left side menu hover over Posts and click Add New in the sub-menu:     On the new opened page, click the '+' button in the top left corner of the screen. You will see a drop-menu menu of blocks:     ..
  • How to Add a Full Screen Background Image in WordPress?
    The use of background images on WordPress sites has become more and more popular recently.    To upload image follow the next steps:   Download the plugin here and save to your local computer.   Install Plugin   From the left-hand navigation menu in WordPress:   Go to P..
  • How to Fix the 500 Internal Server Error in WordPress?
    The 500 Internal Server error is not always related to WordPress. The reason can be also other issues on the server.   Corrupted .htaccess file   Create a New .htaccess File   From cPanel:   Choose the Files section and click on the File Manager icon:     On the ..
  • How to Install WordPress Plugins?
    Go to WordPress admin panel and choose Plugins > Add New:     Under Search, type in the name of the WordPress plugin or descriptive keyword, or click a tag link below the search form:      Find the WordPress plugin you want to install. To get more information about plugi..
  • How to Install a WordPress Theme?
      Is it possible to download a theme from the internet to your personal computer; then upload it through the WordPress Dashboard or just using search option in the WordPress Dashboard Themes section.    Search a Theme from WordPress Dashboard   You can use certain keywords to search f..
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