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We provide a full range of tools which allows you to create customized hosting plans tailored to your own business and clients. Our reseller program is created to enable our resellers to make a profit by including a highly reliable web hosting as part of their service.

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Here are features included in all our Reseller hosting plans  

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Reseller hosting lets one company renting hard drive space to another company, who then rents the space to other parties.It is the ability to provide hosting to your own clients as if you yourself were the web hosting company.

Reseller hosting allows you to start your own web hosting business without any problem. We handle all the backend tasks: server management, hardware and software upgrades, load balancing, etc., while you focus on your business.

Reseller Hosting Accounts are meant for one owner who wishes to resell hosting and act as their own hosting company. Shared hosting is a type of webhosting when different users locate on one server. Each account has its own space and cannot be accessed by other users.

Yes, you can upgrade your existing plan to a higher plan at any time.

 Your Customers can manage their hosting using cPanel.

All our Reseller Hosting plans come with cPanel. İt is easy to use and allows your customers to manage their individual hosting plans.

You will be able to create your own plans and include as much resources to your customers as you like. You will be limited only by the resources on your reseller hosting plan.

You as the reseller will be responsible for providing support to your customers. But Hostimul will provide you with support 24/7.

Our hosting specialists are always here to assist you anytime. Our amazing 24/7 support center is always available. To get all the necessary information just contact us via live chat.

Choosing the right web hosting plan for your website is an important decision that can affect the performance and availability of your website. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a web hosting plan: type of hosting, storage and bandwidth, uptime guarantee, security, price etc.

We offer a fast web hosting solution for the unique needs of anyone. for your website we choose only the best server hardware and the most up to date software programs.

Web hosting is a service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. It involves storing your website files and data on a server that is connected to the internet, so that anyone can access it by typing in your website's domain name or URL into their web browser. When you purchase a hosting plan, you are renting space on a physical server to store all the website’s files and data.

Reseller Hosting packages

Reseller hosting is a form of web hosting which allows you to sell packages to your client and still have access to it. It allows you to manage multiple individual accounts. Basically, you can buy the bulk of space and resell it to the clients. A reseller hosting package includes an unlimited number of cPanel control panels. Using this, you can host so many domains. This one is so beneficial in every way. For example, it has a higher bandwidth, high storage, and strong security. Plus, you are making money using this.

It allows you to buy space and bandwidth and resell it to your clients. Basically, it will let you run your own web hosting business. Some of the best hosting companies are Bluehost, Domainracer and Inmotion hosting. You don’t need any tutor to learn how to operate reseller hosting. You just need to buy a reseller web host and sell it under your brand name. Once you start selling, you will be managing your customers with a separate WHM (web host manager) panel. And, the customer will get access to cPanel. Reseller hosting is best to create your own business and generate profit. What about creating your own website and generating some profit? Head to now and get the information about reseller hosting.

Choose Reseller Hosting to Sooth Your Business Operation

Every business is different. It is very hard to draw a similar line between the two businesses. This is the main reason for which, there are different programs have been made to match the business requirement. Reseller hosting is a certain kind of hosting that will allow webmasters to prepare their website to properly soothe the business client’s requirement along with business operation. Reselling program is created to make it clear that, all most all the resellers to make a profit by including highly reliable web hosting that is part of the service. Once you have done it properly, the business will run without any flaws.​

Get the Best Reseller Hosting for Your Business

One of the best ways by which you can attain profit for your business without much difficulty is to get reseller hosting. It is the best program that enables you to get high web hosting services for your business operations. It is reliable and effective like the original hosting services. Some features that you must check while choosing the pack are:

  • Disk Space.
  • Accounts for your customers.
  • Control Panel.
  • Versions of PHP.
  • Bandwidth.

You can choose from start, basic, standard, and expert options according to your needs and desires that suits your business from us. Get in touch with us immediately to opt for the hosting services.

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