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We provide the Windows VPS hosting solutions that supply you with the most important functions up to date with Microsoft. But, let's clarify what is Windows VPS first? VPS Windows is the practice of providing hosting services within Windows technology. By this method, hosting companies now are able to provide variable servers with the assistance of online one server machine. Naturally, this case affects the cost you pay for hosting services. Besides saving a bunch of dollars, VPS Windows servers comes with the sophisticated expertise of Microsoft. All the VPS Windows servers are equipped with the latest hardware and most efficient features. The KVM virtualization platform is used for running Windows VPS server. You can get a fully automated Plesk control panel within all our servers, which makes our activated buy Windows VPS instant activation servers very easy to manage. On your virtual Windows VPS server, you will receive administrator rights and be able to freely configure the system to fit your needs, edit the Firewall rules, create users within the system, and install any necessary software right after buy Windows VPS instant activation.

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Windows VPS


We use KVM-based virtualization for all our Windows VPS servers.

Yes. You can access your Windows VPS via Remote Desktop.

Yes. You can install any software on your Windows VPS server by yourself. You have total control of your Windows VPS server.

Yes, we do. We include Windows 2012 or 2016 OS license free of charge with every Windows VPS.

You will be able to install Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2016 operating systems.

No, you can’t. Because we already provide fully licensed Windows OS with all our Windows VPS plans. 

Each VPS includes one IPv4 address. You can purchase one IPv4 address as an add-on. 

We will reduce your server port speed 10 times until the beginning of the next month. Don't worry, we won’t charge any extra fees or suspend your services.

Yes, we do. Every virtual machine comes with one primary IPv6 address with an option to add more.

Our hosting specialists are always here to assist you anytime. Our amazing 24/7 support center is always available. To get all the necessary information just contact us via live chat.

Choosing the right web hosting plan for your website is an important decision that can affect the performance and availability of your website. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a web hosting plan: type of hosting, storage and bandwidth, uptime guarantee, security, price etc.

We offer a fast web hosting solution for the unique needs of anyone. for your website we choose only the best server hardware and the most up to date software programs.

VPS is a type of web hosting where a physical server is divided into multiple virtual servers. Each of them acts as a separate server with its own dedicated resources like CPU, RAM, and storage. With VPS hosting, you get dedicated server space with a reserved amount of resources, offering greater control and customization than shared hosting.

Choose Your Windows VPS Server Wisely

A Windows VPS is used for hosting your website with the system optimized for Windows technology. VPS means a virtual service provider that provides your website with a new operating system, a large disc space, and data migration bandwidth. Basically, it helps in providing your site with a new root. This helps to improve performance right after you buy Windows VPS instant activation. The best thing about VPS Windows that anyone can use it. If you are familiar with the Windows operating system, then you can easily access it. You are free to opt for test updates and customize the virtual work environment; there won't be any need to opt for the upgrade. And, after that, you can easily perform the updates on your server.

Windows VPS server benefits you a lot if you own a small business. Because it is cheap and with its dedicated server, it offers a variety of services. It can easily be installed through Microsoft. You can access it from anywhere. It can be accessed from an iPad, Laptop, iPhone and even computer. You can access it with anything, literally anything. While selecting a VPS, opt for a highly available cloud Windows VPS server that has great performance capacity and high availability when you buy Windows VPS instant activation. provides such a facility with great deals. Though Windows VPS server doesn’t need any tutor or something to learn, Microsoft provides people with regular guides and automated updates. Not only this, you will be provided with a high level of security measures and reliability, also.


Use Accurate Windows VPS for Safe Web Operation​​

The Windows operating system and VPS Windows server have a solid track record. It always meets consumer demand and upgrades on the right way to make the web operation more flexible. There are a number of advantages you are going to grab after you buy Windows VPS instant activation. All most all the VPS Windows servers are properly equipped with the latest hardware. They do provide an excellent experience of a web operation. KVM virtualization platform is being used for running the Windows servers. Plus, users will get automated Plesk control panel within the Windows VPS servers and it will instantly activate the servers. VPS Windows servers always need an administrator command to go forward.​

If you have a Windows VPS server, you need to find out a hosting that is compatible with the operating system. You must ensure to get a Windows VPS for Windows operating system. Some of those ways by which you can get immediately after you buy Windows VPS instant activation are:

·         They must have the latest hardware.

·         They must have the most efficient functions and features.

·         You must have the administrator rights.

·         You should be able to configure and customize them in your own way. offers the top quality Windows VPS hosting with affordable prices. Get in touch with us for any questions regarding the VPS Windows through live chat and buy your VPS Windows server suitable for your website right now.

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