Cloud VPS Hosting

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Cloud VPS (Virtual Private Server) combines the benefits of both VPS and Cloud technologies. VPS cloud is hosted on the group of dedicated servers rather than a single server. Because of real-time back up of users data in the event of server failure, all VPS hosted on that server will isolate to other dedicated servers without any downtime of data loss. 

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Here are features included in all our Cloud VPS plans

linux vps, windows vps and cloud vps with Root Administrator Access

Root Administrator Access

Our servers are equipped with full and unlimited root access, providing a satisfying VPS experience with the full server control.  

dedicated and cloud vps services with Super Performance

Super Performance

High speed is our top priority! We provide you with the best performance possible, through our blazing fast network and high performance server hardware.

cloud vps hosting multiple locations

Multiple Locations

With multiple locations around the world, you can choose the best for pick your VPS. The more close your location to a data center, the faster the connection is. 

24-7 technical support

24/7 Technical Support

Doesn't matter how much you know about hosting, our hosting specialists are always here to assist you anytime. Our amazing 24/7 support center is always available. To get all the necessary information just contact us via live chat. 


Cloud VPS Hosting Packages will improve your business performance

Cloud VPS helps in hosting the virtual server on the cloud. It is an affordable hosting solution for businesses. It is very different from traditional hosting. It is very easy to set up. In cloud hosting, there are a lot of features and advantages like Elasticity, extensible, Scalability and multiple data centers. Its performance is fast. It is stable; there won’t be any effect in the future. It has strong security and powerful functionality. It is secured by many physical servers. It varies, depending on the platform. It could either be complex or simple. There are Cloud providers like Google, AWS, Microsoft Azure or IBM Blue Mix. These are some world data center operations.

It has not only lots of benefits, but it is affordable too. It follows “Pay as you go" formula. Websites are easily accessible anytime which are hosted on the cloud. One more benefit of cloud VPS is that anyone can add RAM, disc space and bandwidth when it is needed, and dismiss it without any financial loss. It is stable and customizable. One can remove extra resources without any cancellation fees. After these entire features, one can call it a “web hosting solution”. After, reading this, you might want to know about this more. Visit to know more, they have experts who can clear any of your queries.