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Vps in Europe | For comfortable operation - Hostimul.com

Our Vps in Europe will be a great solution for you if you have outgrown the shared hosting environment and are wondering what to do next. Our hosting experts have done an extensive comparison of VPS servers to help you find a secure and reliable host that will give you enough speed and resources at a low cost. Hostimul.com provides you with Vps in Europe, completely independent from any other organization. All your virtual servers are fault tolerant across all nodes. In the event of a hardware failure or complete unavailability of the physical server, all your virtual machines will be automatically migrated and immediately restarted on the new cluster nodes. Multiple failover data paths, an uninterruptible power system, servers with hot-swappable components, and redundant power supplies for the TIER III compliant data center provide up to 99.95% SLA data availability.

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