Storage VPS

Choose the most suitable Storage VPS package.

Storage VPS is a perfect choice to store big data and provides great performance and reliability. All Storage VPS plans come with a control panel where you can manage your server and use OpenVZ virtualization software. 

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openvz virtualization container and storage vps

OpenVZ Virtualization

OpenVZ allows you to implement virtualization technology at the operating system level and allows you to run many of its isolated copies on a single physical server. OpenVZ virtualization enables on the spot package upgrade and less resource consumption. That it why it’s perfect the ratio between the price and performance. 

powerful hardware vps

Powerful Hardware

Servers are powered by multi-core (14 cores / 28 threads) Intel Xeon Gold 6132 processors. 256 GB RAM is included in each node along with a dedicated 4 Gbps network connection.


Use Storage VPS to Grab Fantastic Operation

Storage VPS is like a backbone to VPS. If there won't be any space then how would you back up your data, save your data and keep a record on the data?  Storage VPS is good for backups and to store data. This is not found everywhere. As you know, Storage VPS consists of two types - SSD and HDD.  Both are best in their way. And, they don't have much difference between them. But there are a few quite differences like in their speed, HDD read average speed is 128 MB/s and write average speed is 120 MB/s. Whereas, SSD read and write average speed is 700 MB/s.

SSD not only leads HDD in speed but in power consumption also.  SSD consumes less power even while performing heavy tasks. Whereas HDD consumes 15 times more power than SSD and while performing heavy tasks, it doubles sometimes. SSD is more reliable and durable than HDD. SSD is quite a leader when it comes to feature. Though, HDD is good in its own way. You can simply head to, to know more about the storage VPS. How it is used and which one is better. They are providing great offers which you wouldn't want to miss.

Storage VPS is Essential for Big Enterprises

Webmasters who are dealing with big data, Storage VPS will be best to choose for them. There are several controlling options are available to manage the store data properly. All most all these storage VPS plans available with accurate control panel and they all are being managed by OpenVZ virtualization software. These are something that will provide maximum opportunity to manage web performance in the right way. Most of the eCommerce websites need appropriate data analyzing a method to perfectly cater important data on right time. In this way, it will be easier to get the precise data on right time.​


If you have a business that requires to store a lot of data in an individual server, storage VPS is the best choice for you. It not only provides reliability but also gives a higher performance which is great for big businesses. The reasons for which you should use storage VPS are:

·         The files can be easily accessed and used.

·         Recovery of the files in an emergency.

·         Easy sharing of files with clients.

·         Hassle-free backup system.

For any queries regarding storage VPS, you can get in touch with us and we will provide you with the best option that is necessary for you.