• How to Reset your FTP Password in cPanel?
    If you have forgotten the password for an FTP account and having trouble connecting to your hosting account via FTP, you can easily change it in cPanel. These steps will explain how to change the password for FTP accounts in cPanel. Login to your Hostimul cPanel Click the  FTP Accounts un..
  • How to transfer your domain to Hostimul?
    This article explains the process to transfer your domain to Hostimul. Please follow the steps to initiate and complete the transfer.   Domain Preparation   Before transfer your domain, you need to update its settings with the current registrar. Please contact them if you need support..
  • How to setup FTP Using Filezilla?
    What is necessary?   1. A Hostimul hosting account 2. Filezilla installed on your computer 3. Your cpanel username and password or an FTP username and password 4. A domain that points to your Hostimul hosting account, or your servers IP address.   You can create a connection in ..
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