• How to remove domain from your cPanel account?
    There is Remove the Domain function of cPanel that allows removing a domain from your account.   Go to cPanel Click on Domains icon in Domains section:     From the list choose the domain you want to delete:      Click on the Remove Domain button and confirm that y..
  • How to back up and restore emails in Roundcube or Horde?
    By using cPanel mail service you can back up (export) your emails using both web interfaces - Roundcube or Horde. Built-in restore (import) option is available in both Roundcube and Horde webmail now.  Follow the steps in this article to access cPanel webmail:  How to access webmail via cPan..
  • How to configure email filtering in cPanel?
    Email filters are used to block unwanted messages depend on a specific set of conditions. For example, the filters automatically delete messages containing a certain word or phrase or can send them to another mail address.    It's possible to create two types of email filters:    Ema..
  • How to restore file or directory in cPanel?
    This knowledge can be useful in case if you’ve accidentally removed some files from your website or deleted an important email. Note: It’s also important to backup website files before upgrading software on your website so that if anything goes wrong you can back to the working old version again...
  • How to Change Root Folder for an Addon or Subdomain?
    To change the addon or subdomain root folder:   Log into cPanel. In the "Domains" section, click the Addon Domains or Subdomains icon, depending on which you'd like to modify:     By default, addon domains and subdomains use folders beneath the public_html folder - thus, th..
  • How to fix strange webpage characters?
    When browsing the Internet, you may also notice that some of the letters on a page appear as strange characters or question marks. This error, also called Mojibake, is usually related to a character "encoding" problem and become a reason of unusual characters on your HTML webpages as seen in this ex..
  • How to Remove an Addon Domain from cPanel?
    Go to cPanel. Click the Addon Domains button in the Domains section:     On the next page, you will see all your Addon domains listed. Click the Remove link beside the domain you want to be deleted:   .   On the Addon Domain Removal screen, you will see a message similar ..
  • How to create a temporary one-page site?
    A one-page site or a landing page can also be called an under-construction page. It is a perfect way to tell visitors that your real site will be ready soon and lists any important information. Typically, you will include contact and order information useful for offline contact (i.e. phone number, m..
  • How to password protect files and directories in cPanel?
    Log in to your cPanel account Go to Files section Choose Directory Privacy menu:     Choose the directory you want to protect:   In Security Settings section give a name to the protected directory and check-mark Password protect this directory option:     ..
  • How to use index manager in cPanel?
    You can use the Index Manager to specify how directories on your web site are displayed in the user's browser. If you do not want a directory’s contents to be visible, you can also turn off indexing.   You can set one of four options for any directory:   Default System Setting: This ..
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