How to configure email filtering in cPanel?

Email filters are used to block unwanted messages depend on a specific set of conditions. For example, the filters automatically delete messages containing a certain word or phrase or can send them to another mail address. 


It's possible to create two types of email filters: 


Email Filters: email filters are configured for specific email accounts. 

Global Email Filters:email filters are applied to all email accounts for the domain. 


Creating an email filter


Follow the next steps to create an email filter for an email account:


Login to cPanel

Go to the Email section and click Email Filters: 



Then click Manage Filters: 



Click Create a New Filter: 



In the Filter Name text box, type the filter name.


We recommend using a filter name that can easily explain the filter's purpose. Do not forget that the filter names must be unique. 


Under Rules, specify the filter rules. For example, to filter email messages that contain the word Promo in the subject:

In the first list box, select Subject.

In the second list box, select contains.

Type Promo in the text box:



Try not to create broad filter rules. Otherwise, you may block messages that you want to receive. Also, the text in rules is not case-sensitive, it means that uppercase and lowercase letters are not treated as distinct.  


Click the + icon to add another rule:



Under Actions, select the action that the filter should perform if rule conditions are matched. You can specify multiple actions. To do so, click the + icon to add another action.

Click Create.

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