• How to change permissions for files and directories in cPanel?
    Using File Manager Using SSH Using Cron Jobs Using File Manager This option is usually used if you need to change the permissions for a couple of files only. If you need to make changes to a large number of files, SSH and Cron Jobs are preferable.    1. Log into your cPanel, na..
  • How to reset WordPress admin password?
    There are three ways to reset a lost WordPress dashboard password:    ·  Using the Lost Password option ·  Using Softaculous installer ·  In the database Using the Lost Password option 1. Browse to your WordPress login page, typically this is located at
  • How to add a mailbox under the domain name in Yandex?
    To create a new mailbox, go to the My domains page and click Add a mailbox under the domain name. Enter the name of the new mailbox and the password. The username and password for the new mailbox must conform to the Yandex requirements:   The username must: Contain only Latin letters, nu..
  • How to install WordPress using the Softaculous installer in cPanel?
    NOTE: If you are using Softaculous on a VPS, you must upgrade to Softaculous Premium to install this application. If you need further assistance, please open a ticket at   INSTALLING WORDPRESS   You can have a WordPress site up and running in minu..
  • How to add A business Email Account To Outlook 2016?
    NOTE: Before you configure business email accounts in Outlook 2016, you need to create them in the control panel of your hosting site.   Login to your company website cPanel. Navigate to email accounts and create a new email ID.  Assign email space to each email ID according to his or dep..
  • How to reset cPanel password?
    If you forgot your cPanel password or the one provided in the welcome email does not work, you can reset the password following these steps:   1. Go to 2. In the upper right corner click on Client Area button.     3. After clicking on the Client Area  button, y..
  • How to change contact information in cPanel?
    By default, the email associated with cPanel is the one that was used with the cPanel account creation. If you have a Shared Hosting account, that means it will use the email associated with your Hostimul account. However, it’s possible to change the cPanel contact email at any time.    The co..
  • How to check PHP version and configuration?
    There are two ways to check PHP version set for the account. By default, we have PHP 5.6 set on our Shared servers. You can check what PHP version is selected for your account going to cPanel > Software section > Select PHP version menu:      You will see the current PHP version above ..
  • Basic site security tips
    The following checklist is a good collection of security tips offered for review to ensure your web site is as secure as possible.   Remove unfamiliar malicious files While many PHP applications generate files you may not be familiar with, it is important to watch for files or directories t..
  • How to Import a MySQL Database using phpMyAdmin?
    This article will show you how to import your MySQL database. Log in to your Hostimul cPanel account. Navigate to the Database Tools section, and select phpMyAdmin. Log in with your cPanel username and your MySQL password. In phpMyAdmin, you will see a list of your databases on the left ..
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