How to add a mailbox under the domain name in Yandex?

To create a new mailbox, go to the My domains page and click Add a mailbox under the domain name. Enter the name of the new mailbox and the password. The username and password for the new mailbox must conform to the Yandex requirements:


The username must:

  • Contain only Latin letters, numbers, dashes, or dots.
  • Start with a letter, end with a letter or number, and be no longer than 30 characters.

The password must:

  • Contain from 6 to 20 characters – Latin letters, numbers, and symbols (! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ - + : ; , .).
  • Be different from the username.


To send an email from the new mailbox, the owner must log in to Yandex.Mail at least once using the username "@yourdomain.tld" and the password you set.

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