• How to set up HTTPS for your WordPress site?
    Setting up HTTPS   In order to switch to the secure HTTPS protocol, you need to make changes to the site address.   You can change the main site protocol from HTTP to HTTPS in the Settings → General section of the WordPress admin panel:     From now on, all your WordPress we..
  • How to change the domain of a WordPress website?
      Copying Files to the New Domain   To add a new domain read following article.    How to Create Addon Domain in cPanel?   To copy files to your neü domain folloü the next steps:   Go to cPanel and open File Manager:     Open the public_html folder:   ..
  • How to access spam folder in webmail?
    1. Log into cPanel. 2. Navigate to the Email section. 3. Select the Email Accounts icon:     4. To access webmail click Check Email next to the desired email address:     Horde   In Horde, at the top, click on the gear icon then hover over Preferences and click ..
  • How to change storage space for an Email Account?
    The steps below will provide you a quick and easy walkthrough of how to update the quota for an email account.   1. Log into cPanel. 2. Navigate to the Email section. 3. Select the Email Accounts icon:     In the list find the email address for which you need to update the q..
  • How to Duplicate a Database in phpMyAdmin?
    Follow the next steps to duplicate the database:   1. Log into cPanel > Go to Databases section > phpMyAdmin menu:     2. From the list on the left choose the database and click the Operations option from the top bar:     3. In the Copy database field, you should ente..
  • How to Rename a Database in phpMyAdmin?
    By using the most recent version of phpMyAdmin you will be able to change the database name. When changing the name of a database, it’s important also change user permissions and any scripts pointed to this database.    Renaming the Database   1. Login to cPanel. 2. Click on MySQL Dat..
  • How to access the Domain Panel?
    The Domain Panel is a tool that allows managing the registered domain. The Domain Panel can be used to change nameservers, edit contact information, renew the domain and etc.   Accessing Domain Panel   1. Go to 2. Click Client Area button on the upper right corner ..
  • How to empty a MySQL database using phpMyAdmin?
    1. Go to cPanel > Databases section > phpMyAdmin menu:     2. Select the database you wish to empty. On the left you will see a list with all the database tables (you may have just one database if only one website is hosted):     3. Choose to Check All to > select all table..
  • How to optimize website database?
    With all the posts, pages, comments, menus and any form of text data database can store a huge amount of information. The largeness of the database depends on how complicated the site you have. Also, such unnecessary items, like spam comments, drafts, closed or temporary files can clutter the databa..
  • How to point your domain to CloudFlare?
    It is possible to point your domain to CloudFlare using two ways:   1. By recording a CNAME for   NOTE: CNAME setup is available for Business or Enterprise CloudFlare paid plans.   2. By pointing the domain name to CloudFlare server names. To do the following steps:..
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