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Create an online .COMMUNITY!


Today, the internet brings together many people around the world. Each person is a part of a community, whether is a city, country, family, religion, profession, or group of people with common interests. .COMMUNITY can be relevant and useful for the site of almost any community and will help its representatives to find like-minded people on the internet.

.COMMUNITY is the place where you can unite users who share common interests and goals.


Who is .COMMUNITY for?


Social groups

Online forums

Hobby Circles

Fan clubs


Virtual world has no borders!


.INTERNATIONAL is great for any business or organization that operates internationally. This domain name can be registered for almost any website of any business, especially if your website’s audience is from different countries.

Companies that want to create a new site for international customers can register .INTERNATIONAL as a subdomain and advertise global offers to visitors from around the world.


Offer dental services with .DENTAL


Many patients go online to explore dental treatment options and find a new dental clinic. The .DENTAL domain name helps you to create a recognizable web address for your website that will let patients easily find it.


Dentists, dental equipment suppliers, medicines, dental centers and any other individuals or organizations related to the field of dentistry can register domain names in the .DENTAL zone.


Site availability is an important aspect of the organization providing medical services. . HOSPITAL suitable domain space for medical institutions of any type.


Hospitals, volunteer programs and other institutions that provide medical services can register a domain using the .HOSPITAL domain extension. Volunteer programs can attract new members and exchange updates through their own website.


Hospital is a useful keyword and will help users find your website on time and seek medical help.




The .ACADEMY domain is ideal for any school or educational institution that is identified as an academy. It is also an excellent choice for students, teachers and scientific advisors.


Universities, private schools, tutoring services and any other organizations that position themselves as an academy can use the .ACADEMY domain extension.


.ACADEMY domains can also be used for platforms on which training materials are sold.


Teachers and students can use the .ACADEMY to create beautiful and unique websites that focus on everything they need for education and training.


.INSTITUTE is intended, first of all, for educational groups, vocational schools, research societies, technology companies and for all those associated with scientific or educational activities.


The .INSTITUTE domain extension has been developed for all types of institutions:




Academic centers




Education is more accessible than ever!


Distance learning is already in all areas of traditional education. More and more students are surfing the web in search of online courses, tutoring sites, tutorials and other useful resources. With .STUDY domain educational sites have an excellent opportunity to find and communicate with students around the world.

Organizations of all types - from public schools to corporations - prefer to teach over the internet. .STUDY domain will help them create a reliable online platform for education. Today you can online learn languages, cooking, programming, drawing, and even learn how to play a musical instrument.


Who is the .STUDY domain for?


• Online colleges and universities

• Traditional schools offering online courses.

• Tutoring sites

• Educational communities

• Sites hosting educational resources


.EDUCATION domain provides memorable web addresses to everyone related to education - schools, colleges, universities, vocational courses, as well as teachers offering private lessons.


Who can use .EDUCATION domain?






Online courses



.WEDDING is a great opportunity for everyone who works in the wedding business to communicate with brides and grooms, who dream of having the perfect wedding. The organizers of weddings, photographers, florists, designers, musicians, wedding dress stores and other professionals working in this area can register this domain.


Why choose .WEDDING domain?


Using the domain .WEDDING wedding organizers can create a website address, that will directly indicate the services they offer.

Wedding photographers, bakers, decorators and florists can use the .WEDDING domain for their online portfolio.


The best choice for yoga studios and instructors


YOGA is a great way to build your brand and expand your business.

Users interested in yoga classes spend time on the Internet to find new studios, check class schedules and expand their practice. Using the domain name .YOGA you can create an online presence for your practice, studio or instruction specific to the yoga community.


Why choose .YOGA domain?


The .YOGA domain names are also useful for online stores selling equipment and clothing for yoga and bloggers writing about yoga.

A .YOGA domain extension is the most suitable choice for anyone who is in any way connected with the world of yoga.  .YOGA domain will allow the yoga community to connect and share information, tips, and ideas on the Internet. If you are practicing, teaching yoga or writing about yoga - or if your business sells clothes and other equipment for yoga this domain is for you. 

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