Domain registration


Personal trainers, gym or fitness club owners and all who involved in sports and leading a healthy lifestyle can register the .FITNESS domain. It’s a great way to add an original web address and add a domain ending to your brand name that demonstrates your attitude to fitness.

If you offer personal trainer services, by registering the domain name instead of you are guaranteed to attract the your audience.


Why choose the.FITNESSdomain name?


The word “fitness” is one of the most popular keywords that users search with extraordinary frequency. Users who are looking for various diets, ways to get in shape, the nearest fitness clubs, healthy lifestyle rules, fitness videos and content related to fitness can easily find your site.

If you own a fitness club, gym, or share healthy recipes on your blog, you need to register a .FITNESS domain name for your site.


Show off your .STYLE


.STYLE is a great opportunity to share your interests and lifestyle on the Internet and attract the attention of the online audience.


Why choose domain .STYLE?


Bloggers who write articles about fashion or style can use .STYLE to attract an interested audience, and online stores can use it as a primary or subdomain. Also .STYLE is a good choice for online presentation of your portfolio.


Who can use the .STYLE?



Fashion stylists


Fashion houses


Online clothing stores

Fashion bloggers


Create a stylish web address with the .FASHION


Fashion is a special kind of art. Someone paint pictures or sculpts from clay, fashion designers express themselves through the clothing they create - and they have millions of fans.


Attract to your website fashionistas from all over the world!


Today, the Internet is the easiest way to be informed of the latest trends from around the world. .FASHION domains are ideal for fashion designers, fashion boutiques owners, online clothing stores, as well as the fashion and style bloggers.

.FASHION will instantly inform users that your site contains information about the fashion industry and the latest trends in this field.



The best way to share video content!


.VIDEO is a great choice for anyone who is behind the camera or wants to post videos on the Internet. Video production companies and professionals in this field can use .VIDEO to create specific and memorable domain names.


Attract your audience with .VIDEO


If you want your channel to become more memorable and accessible, you can register your .VIDEO domain name and redirect it to your YouTube channel or even to a specific video.


By registering .video domain names, you get a powerful keyword that is guaranteed to drive traffic to your site. Whether you're a production studio, an online training center or a video blogger, you'll be in the spotlight with .video.


Domain .PHOTO perfect choice for sites of photo studios and online portfolios.


What are the benefits of .PHOTO?


Whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer, .PHOTO domain can most accurately describe the scope of your activity.


By adding a .PHOTO domain ending to their name, photographers can get the original address for an online portfolio.


.PHOTO is also suitable for online stores selling photographic equipment and software for photographers.



.PHOTOGRAPHY domain extension is an obvious choice for photographers and photo studios, photoblogs, photo galleries, as well as organizations that offer photography courses.


Photographers can use the .PHOTOGRAPHY domain to showcase their work on the internet or to offer photography services.


Domain .PHOTOGRAPHY looks professional and immediately indicates to visitors the type of service you offer.


Registration of .PHOTOGRAPHY domain will significantly increase website traffic, as “photography” is a keyword that users use in search engines.


Your own virtual gallery


If you manage an art gallery, online art space or other art-related business, the .GALLERY domain name is exactly what you need. The new top-level domain provides an excellent opportunity for artists, photographers, and designers to showcase their work on the internet.


Communicate with the art lovers


.GALLERY allows museums, art galleries, auction houses, artists, commercial designers, and art schools to communicate with art lovers around the world.


Give an online boost to your art business!


Representatives of the art industry can now register their own easily recognizable .ART domain name.


.ART is an obvious choice for representatives of art, which will help to create a creative and original web address for the site.


Domain .art is suitable for:


• artists, photographers, illustrators, sculptors and other representatives of the fine arts;

• art galleries

• art studios and schools;

• art festivals and competitions;

• art goods stores.


Why register a domain in the .art zone?


• The .art domain is completely new, which means that there are still many free web addresses in this zone.

• It is more informative and immediately shows off your activity.

• Since the word "art" is a keyword, the .art domain name will increase your position in Google results.


Great choice for companies that offer taxi services! .TAXI clearly indicates the activities of your company and will lead new visitors to the site.


Why choose .TAXI domain?


  •  Taxi services can create a professional website that will inspire customer confidence.
  •  A popular keyword in your email will have a positive effect on the position of your site on search engines.
  •  Companies that have a Facebook or Twitter page can easily redirect visitors to a site with a .TAXI domain using a redirect URL.


Start a new journey with .VOYAGE! 


.VOYAGE domain will help to create a unique address for any tourism related site or travel blog.


This domain zone is suitable for hotel and travel agency websites, allowing you to create a memorable address that will help potential customers to easily find your website on the internet.

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