Choosing the right web hosting plan for your website is an important decision that can affect the performance and availability of your website. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a web hosting plan: type of hosting, storage and bandwidth, uptime guarantee, security, price etc.

We offer a fast web hosting solution for the unique needs of anyone. for your website we choose only the best server hardware and the most up to date software programs.

Our hosting specialists are always here to assist you anytime. Our amazing 24/7 support center is always available. To get all the necessary information just contact us via live chat.

Yes. Titan comes with advanced anti-spam, where all inbound email messages pass through a spam filter before reaching your inbox. Using Titan will dramatically reduce junk mail and vulnerability to viruses.

Titan's Support Team is available 24/7 via email or live chat to answer your questions and provide any help needed.

Yes. In addition to being accessible on all major web browsers, Titan has native apps for Android and iOS devices.

Yes. Titan comes with built-in migration tools to help you easily move existing email data to your Titan account. If you run into trouble with the migration at any point, Titan’s dedicated support staff is available 24/7 to help you out.

You can create a custom email without a site, but in order to use Titan you will need to own the domain (example: johnsmith.com.) If you don’t have a domain yet, you can get one from hostimul.com while signing up for a business email.

If you're doing business over email, it's critical to establish trust. Anyone can create a free email account and claim to be a business. A custom email address branded with your domain will separate you from the spammers and scammers of the world.

A business email is an email address that matches the domain name of your site or business. It is an email address that ends in @yourbusiness or @yourdomainname, plus your top-level-domain (e.g. .com) rather than relying on a standard Gmail address.

Your company business email account can have as many email inboxes and email addresses as you need. Every employee, department, and service that your work requires can have their own custom business email accounts that end in @yourdomain.


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