Domain registration

Give an online boost to your art business!

Representatives of the art industry can now register their own easily recognizable .ART domain name.

.ART is an obvious choice for representatives of art, which will help to create a creative and original web address for the site.


Domain .art is suitable for:

• artists, photographers, illustrators, sculptors and other representatives of the fine arts;

• art galleries

• art studios and schools;

• art festivals and competitions;

• art goods stores.


Why register a domain in the .art zone?


• The .art domain is completely new, which means that there are still many free web addresses in this zone.

• It is more informative and immediately shows off your activity.

• Since the word "art" is a keyword, the .art domain name will increase your position in Google results.


Great choice for companies that offer taxi services! .TAXI clearly indicates the activities of your company and will lead new visitors to the site.

Why choose .TAXI domain?


  •  Taxi services can create a professional website that will inspire customer confidence.
  •  A popular keyword in your email will have a positive effect on the position of your site on search engines.
  •  Companies that have a Facebook or Twitter page can easily redirect visitors to a site with a .TAXI domain using a redirect URL.

Start a new journey with .VOYAGE! 

.VOYAGE domain will help to create a unique address for any tourism related site or travel blog.

This domain zone is suitable for hotel and travel agency websites, allowing you to create a memorable address that will help potential customers to easily find your website on the internet.

Have a good time with .HOLIDAY!

For most of the English-speaking world, the word holiday is a synonym of  "vacation." That is why this domain is so suitable for the websites of travel agencies, tour operators, hotels, airlines and all businesses related to the tourism industry.


Let's celebrate!

.HOLIDAY is also an excellent choice for companies and individuals offering services for the organization and planning of any celebrations or parties, as well as the sale of festive goods.

The tour is the main result of the travel companies activities who acts on the market as tour operators or travel agencies. Whether you offer city sightseeing tours of world capitals or a relaxing holiday on the coast of the island in the ocean - the .TOURS domain is suitable for everyone whose activity is related to the tourism industry.


What are the benefits of a .TOURS domain?

  • You can register a domain name that will indicate the direction of the offered tours, for example, for tours around Europe or for gastronomic tours.
  • Tours are a keyword and will lead potential customers who are looking for profitable tours to your website.
  • .TOURS will allow to create a short and memorable website address to brands which already contains the word “tours”.


Let a domain to be a part of your brand

Traveling makes us happier and has a beneficial effect on mental and emotional health. It is not surprising that tourism is currently one of the most popular types of recreation.


Demonstrate belonging to the leisure and tourism industry with the .TRAVEL domain

Since the release of the .TRAVEL domain name in 2005, tens of thousands of companies and individuals have chosen it for their sites. In addition, .TRAVEL is a keyword and increases the level of organic traffic coming from search engines.


Who is choosing a domain .TRAVEL?

  • Travel agencies
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Coach lines
  • Charter aircraft
  • Sightseeing tours
  • Travel blogs


Share your impressions with the world

Engage your readers with exciting and fascinating stories about your adventures. The .TRAVEL domain is also ideal for travel blogs and will attract relevant internet users.


Why choose .SHOW domain?

  • Let your audience keep up with the latest news about their favorite TV shows on the site with the .SHOW domain.
  • Offer information about tours, tickets, and schedules of concerts or performances.
  • Promote new TV shows or web series with a domain name that will allow you to get an idea of the site’s content.


The show is just begun!

Register .SHOW domain names and be in the spotlight. Sometimes all you need to create your own show is a desire and a little bit of creativity. .SHOW is the ideal domain that will help demonstrate your creativity and realize a long-standing idea.


Attract your audience

It’s true, that video is the most attractive content on the Internet. If you share interesting videos on the site, then with the .SHOW domain, you will attract the necessary audience to it.


Make a mark on the Internet with a .MEDIA domain name

Media is a general term that covers a wide range of different creative directions — art, music, news, cinema, communications, etc.

This is an ideal domain extension for media professionals, artists, designers, producers, marketing firms and writers. You can use the domain name .MEDIA for a news site, blog or online portfolio.


What can be more current than today?

Do you share the latest information and want to announce it to all the internet? In that case, the .TODAY domain is the ideal option for you. .TODAY can be used to provide up-to-date information in absolutely any area, whether in politics, technology, fashion or entertainment.


Today istime to register a domain name

With domains .today gives a clear signal to readers that site provides relevant, periodically updated information. Moreover, .TODAY is incredibly versatile and will be combined with almost any word.


.TODAY domain is suitable for:

  • Blogs
  • Event calendars
  • Online newsletters
  • Weather websites


Express yourself through the right domain!

.EXPRESS — the perfect solution for companies of different profiles who want to get an original and creative name and attract their target audience.

Whether you are an artist, dancer, writer or designer the .EXPRESS domain is a great way to demonstrate your passion.

.EXPRESS is also ideal for companies whose name contains the word "express" and will allow them to create a short and memorable address.

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