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Asia is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Commercial companies, international organizations, and news agencies register their sites in this zone to gain visibility, grow their business and establish their brand by expanding into this huge market. The .asia extension is a great way to reach a wide audience from different countries of Asia, Australia, and the Pacific.


This domain is also suitable for advertising products exported from Asia and will emphasize originality and high-quality products (for example,


Registration is open to anyone, but according to the registry, at least one of the contacts associated with your domain name must be a legal entity in the Asian region. This can be either an individual or an organization.



Short for "company" CO is memorable and already recognizable worldwide. This domain is usually used to mean a company or commercial content on the website. Many famous brands, such as Apple, Coca-Cola, Amazon, Disney, VISA, BMW, American Express, have registered their domains in the .CO zone.


Because it’s a similarity to .com, many businesses choose .co as a replacement for .com, when .com is already taken.


The .CO zone is also the national domain of Colombia and is suitable for sites whose subject and content is directly related to this country.



Login to your cPanel icon. Here you can see an icon labeled “Subdomains.” Click that. It will take you to the subdomain management page. On this page, you can set up subdomains and associate them with specific folders in your file system.


.in is a good choice for organizations and companies who want to establish their business in India. India is a fast-growing market, and many businesses are using .in domain names to appeal to the Indian market. The .in domain extension is a country code top-level domain with no geographical requirements. It means that anyone in any country may register a domain with this TLD. Some companies create distinct URLs for different geographical markets. For example, You might have a .com site featuring info about your local products and services and also have a .in site dedicated to your Indian customers. 

This domain can be useful if your business operates out of America, or you want to appeal to the American market. 
The .us domain is available to all U.S. citizens and government agencies, as well as any foreign business or organization with a presence in the United States.
With a .us domain, you can:
⦁    Create a site dedicated to the interests of your US site visitors and customers
⦁    Add a new site with an easy-to-remember extension
⦁    Expand your current site with US-only content and features
⦁    Establish your business presence in the US
⦁    Protect your trademark in the US
⦁    Receive a listing in the US Directory

The .info domain extension is very popular. It's widely recognized and easy to remember, what makes it a great alternative to .com or .co. Highly likely that anyone seeking credible information will search a .info domain. Additionally, it can help you to get search engine traffic, because of a keyword focused domain name as part of your overall SEO strategy. 
The .info top-level domain isn’t like the other thousands of top-level domains on the market. This innovative domain name was one of the first alternatives to .com. Of the initial release of seven new domain extensions, .info has been one of the most successful, even with the current availability of hundreds of other options.
The .info domain extension was originally intended for informative websites, its use soon broadened to include many other uses. It can be used freely as an alternative to .com and the remaining registered top-level domains.
You might want to register .info domain if:

⦁    You share information, product specifications or research at your site
⦁    The .com version of your name is already busy, but the .info version is available
⦁    You want to create an informational site added to your commercial site 
⦁    You need to connect with international customers

.net is one of the oldest and most recognizable top-level domains on the web. It was first implemented with the Internet’s other original TLDs – which include .com and .org – in January 1985. Since then, the .net domain extension became more successful. 
Second most-popular after .com, this tried-and-true domain is registered on 15 million websites around the world and has one of the strongest aftermarket values of any extension. The .net domain name is an authentic and trusted choice for individuals and businesses everywhere. The websites with .net hosted in over 200 countries and in over 400 languages. 
As an addition to your .com or .biz site, it can protect your internet identity and your brand. It also works great as an alternative to .com domain name.In case if you've missed out on your perfect .com domain name, try to find it with a .net domain extension. 
The .net extension was originally created with companies involved in networking technology, but today .net is associated with all kinds of companies and individuals launching their business online. 

Differentiate your online business with .biz, a special domain name that says "business." Show to your customers that they’ve come to the right place when they’re looking for a dedicated and legitimate business site. Get on board with the professionalism that a .biz domain conveys to the media, investors, and the public.  If you're in business, no additional restrictions on use or location apply. 

Short for ‘organization,’ .org is a true internet original. Established with .com, .edu, .gov, and .mil in January 1985 the .org TLD was one of the founding top-level domains. Although the .org extension was originally intended for non-commercial organizations it’s, now a great choice for many different businesses. This domain extension is ideal for groups and companies who want to connect people with their idea, mission, or message. 
How could .org work for me?
It’s clear the .org extension is compatible with a lot of what makes up the internet including for-profit companies. Some common example of sites using .org include:
⦁    Non Profit organizations
⦁    Trade unions and student communities
⦁    Corporate businesses to startups
⦁    Social institutions

The .com extension is one of the original and most popular top-level domains (TLDs) on the web.
The .com domain was created in 1985 as one of the first six TLDs when the domain name system (DNS) was first implemented. From the beginning, .com was considered a trusted top-level domain before the Internet as we know it even existed.
The very first website with the .com domain name was, a computer manufacturer. Since then, over 130 million .com domains have been registered.
The "com" in .com means "commercial", making it the ideal choice for a business website. Regardless, any person or organization can register a .com name for their company, blog, or personal site.
If you already have a .biz or .net site, consider supplementing it with .com to protect your brand and receive more site traffic. If you are thinking which TLDs might be suitable for your website, you can be sure that a .com domain guarantees credibility for your online presence. 
Many successful companies around the world and most leading startups have a .com domain name. 

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