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A domain that shows off the specifics of your project

.PRESS was created specifically for the journalism industry and is an ideal domain extension for journalists, bloggers, electronic publications, news agencies and organizations somehow connected with mass media.

Often, journalists, creating their own website or online portfolio, come up with a name for it, but they also often regret that this name is already taken. One of the advantages of the domain zone.PRESS is the availability of many free names.

.PRESS provides an excellent opportunity for young news agencies to present themselves on the Internet and increase awareness among users.





Share the news with the world!

In recent years, more and more people prefer to receive news from the internet; through social networks and news blogs. The .NEWS domain zone is an ideal way for any organization to share news on the internet.


Why choose .NEWS?

.NEWS can be registered as a subdomain if you want to add a news section to your site.

It is also a great opportunity to shorten your domain name (for example, go from to and thereby create a more memorable address for the site.

Whether you are a blogger, a small business owner or a PR director, the .NEWS will let everyone to know that you have the latest and relevant news to share.


.NEWS domain names are a perfect fit for:

  • Bloggers
  • Journalists, editors & news professionals
  • Online news organizations
  • Business PR departments
  • Entrepreneurs & startups

Today, more and more companies rely on the experience of consultants in order to properly build and develop a business. .CONSULTING domain is a quick way to demonstrate your professionalism and skills on the Internet.


.CONSULTING will create a memorable address for:

• Business Advisors

• Contractors

• Instructors

• Coaches

• Analysts

• Specialists in any field


A great number of specialists are employed in the field of consulting. By registering a domain in the .CONSULTING zone, you will be able to stand out among the competitors and attract new clients who need an expert opinion.

Lay a firm foundation for your website with .CONSTRUCTION

A great choice for sites dedicated to everything related to construction.

This domain is ideal for promoting repair and construction services. Construction companies, real estate agents, plumbers, painters and other representatives of the construction industry can register their sites in this domain zone.

Registering a .construction domain extension will help you grow your business and show off to potential customers your occupation.

Create your own community with .GROUP

Get a memorable web address that your audience will notice with the .GROUP domain extension.

A top-level domain .GROUP is suitable for businesses and organizations around the world that work with people to achieve a common goal. Registering a domain name in .GROUP domain zone can help recruit groups of volunteers and organize charitable foundations.


Sewing classes, book clubs, culinary classes –.group is suitable for sites dedicated to any subject.

Extend your capabilities with the .NETWORK domain.

First of all the .NETWORK domain zone is intended for IT specialists and sites of telecommunication companies, as well as for online stores that sell network products.


Build the right connections!

Domain .NETWORK. will also be interesting to those who create their own social network, dating website, blog or online forum.

Become a part of the digital world!

Modern life is closely connected with the digital world. Today, it’s difficult to imagine our lives without computers and mobile devices.


Who is the .DIGITAL domain for?

Domain zone .DIGITAL is primarily suitable for online stores selling digital products, as well as digital agencies, web studios that offer services in this area.

In today’s world, design is an integral part of our life and manifests itself in almost all of its areas - from the interior of apartments, the architecture of cities, to the clothes we wear.

Professional design currently combines such diverse industries as landscape design, interior design, graphic design, web design, industrial design, clothing design, etc.

By choosing .DESIGN domain zone for your website you will join the growing community of designers, creatives and bloggers.

Regardless of whether you use your name and surname or company name to designate a brand, adding .DESIGN to the end of the website's address will help your audience focus on what you are doing - design.


Who chooses .DESIGN domain?

• Graphic Designers

• Web developers

• Interior Designers

• Design Studios

• Freelance Designers

• Fashion Designers


Show off your projects online


.DESIGN is a great choice for both professional and novice designers who want to attract more attention to their digital portfolio.


Your online studio!

Studios are used for everything from recording music to creating works of art and photographing.

Design or art studio, fitness club, beauty salon, or photo studio - the .STUDIO domain is universal and suitable for a wide range of enterprises. .STUDIO will create an exclusive image and strengthen the status of your business, thanks to an interesting and memorable address.

The .STUDIO domain extension also fits perfectly into the real estate industry and is suitable for real estate companies engaged in renting apartments.

The best domain for your agency!

Today there are different types of agencies: advertising agencies, real estate agencies, employment agencies, insurance agencies, and so on. .AGENCY domain extension is perfect for any business site that identifies itself as an agency.

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