5 Reasons WHY you need a dedicated server for your Business Website

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5 Reasons WHY you need a dedicated server for your Business Website

When you want to improve your business, you should be looking into a website that mirrors the nature of your business. Then, it is crucial to get a hosting service based on your business needs. But the main issue begins here: which kind of hosting is suitable for your business website? There are numerous choices in the type of hosting, however, the most general one for a business website is a dedicated server.


Before going to the reasons why to get a dedicated server for your business website, let's see what a dedicated server is.


Dedicated Servers are non-shared internet servers that are reserved for only one user, company, or organization. The reason why it is called “Dedicated”, is that this server is allocated to only one user. It is impossible for different users or customers of the hosting company to use these allocated server resources. The usage rights of the dedicated server are available to a single person or a company, which is the biggest difference from shared servers. Therefore, dedicated servers mean higher performance and full use of resources.


Non-Shared, that is, dedicated servers, on the other hand, are reserved for a single person or company. Data of another company or person is not hosted on these servers. The disk space, RAM, and processor of the server are reserved for only one person or company.


It is more ideal for companies with high site traffic volume, having a lot of data and images on the site, not wanting to have their data on shared servers, or having a high business capacity and volume; because they have a separate server for them, they can change the requirements of this server as they wish and they can use the server completely for themselves. They can also get higher performance.


To explain the differences between Shared and Dedicated Servers with a more vivid example, we can compare the Shared Server to an apartment. Apartment residents have their own space and can use these spaces as they wish. However, these areas are located within an apartment. People use the apartment jointly and share the features of the apartment in common. Dedicated Servers are like a detached house. This house is owned by only one person and no one else can use this space.


What are the advantages of using a dedicated server?

Thanks to the dedicated server rental, you can choose the server resources allocated for your use only according to the requirements of your project. Shared servers offer users a certain amount of traffic space. For this reason, you can reach higher-capacity traffic areas with dedicated servers. If you are going to do the server management yourself, you can easily make the software customizations you want.


What are the differences between a shared server and a dedicated server?

Shared servers are defined as server solutions that are not primarily allocated to a single person or organization and are open to common use. Shared servers, which are heavily used within the scope of web hosting solutions, constitute a price-performance advantage. Dedicated servers, on the other hand, are defined as businesses dedicated to only one business with all their resources. Shared servers are sufficient infrastructures to meet the basic requirements in web development processes. However, in more detailed digital processes, it may be more beneficial for the enterprise to have full ownership of the server hardware. At this point, non-shared server solutions for businesses come to the fore. Within the scope of the aforementioned solutions, businesses provide technically advanced control options to the business, since all server optimizations can be done within the enterprise.


What are the 5 reasons that you need a dedicated server for your business website?

While there are many titles among the reasons for using a non-shared server, it also benefits the business in processes such as dedicated server setup. Businesses that need to maintain a comprehensive database use dedicated server services instead of virtual server solutions. At this point, the leading advantages of non-shared servers can be detailed as follows:

  1. Full Control of the Business's Server

One of the primary usage benefits for non-shared servers is the ability to control the server. The enterprise has more control over the server it owns compared to shared servers. Since all hardware and infrastructure allocated to the enterprise for the dedicated server will be monopolized by the enterprise, the company can carry out all optimizations and controls within the boundaries of the enterprise.


  1. Firewall Checking and Strengthening Firewall

Likewise, the enterprise can optimize the security settings on its own initiative, since it keeps its database within its borders. Firewall performs all controls related to server security applications from a single point. In addition, cyber security elements can be provided in more detail, since it will not be located in central areas as in shared servers.


  1. Integration Options with Common Network Structure

Another important advantage within the scope of the use of the non-shared, dedicated server, is the integration options with the existing network structure. In this direction, the dedicated server setup can be done in such a way that it can be integrated into the existing network environment of the enterprise. Thus, the business has the option of integrating all its digital assets with the dedicated server to be installed.


  1. Increase site speed with a dedicated server

Faster site loading times aren’t just for the convenience of your customers. Regardless of whether you’re running an eCommerce site or whether you simply want to advertise your services via your pages, visitors will expect a fast load time. If it takes longer than three seconds, you risk increasing your bounce rates as prospects will simply press “back” to return to their Google search – at which point, they’re going to consider clicking on your competitor’s sites instead.


  1. Static IP Address

Businesses choosing a dedicated server get a static IP address. Having a static IP address means that you don’t need to update your records every time a lease expires or when IP addresses are rotated. You don’t need to worry about other people’s activity on the network either as you manage and control the health/reputation of your static IP address(es), which can be very important for example for mail servers.


What are the dedicated server types?

  • Basic Dedicated Servers

They are servers with basic features that companies can prefer when their internet site traffic exceeds certain limits and reaches levels that shared servers cannot meet. These servers offer a more comprehensive solution in terms of bandwidth, RAM, processor and storage space compared to shared servers.


  • High Performance Dedicated Servers

They are servers that offer higher performance in terms of processor, storage space, RAM and bandwidth in cases where the performance of Basic Dedicated Servers is insufficient. They are the recommended solutions for companies that have a very high volume of site traffic and have a lot of data on their server.


  • Bandwidth-focused Dedicated Servers

It is the type of server preferred especially by companies that broadcast live and host videos on their own servers. In such business models, high server configurations alone are not enough; At the same time, the bandwidth needs to be high. Servers with high bandwidth are preferred for uninterrupted video and live broadcast streams, and Bandwidth-oriented Dedicated Servers also offer this feature.


  • Application-oriented Dedicated Servers

They are servers used for applications. All kinds of legitimate applications can be hosted and run on these servers. By choosing the server configurations that the application needs, these servers can be used to run and host applications.


  • Database oriented Dedicated Servers

They are specially configured servers for those working on databases such as MySQL or MSSQL. Working on databases requires high performance systems and normal or shared servers may not meet these performances. In this case, Shared Servers to run databases are an ideal solution.


Dedicated Server Rental

Dedicated Server rental is the hosting company's dealing with this server as long as they create a server that will be allocated for your use only and the invoice is paid. You can think of renting a dedicated server just like renting a house instead of buying it. In such cases, most of the expenses related to the house are taken care of by the landlord, while the lessee only pays for rent and rental fees, etc. He has to pay for things. Most of the hosting companies offer to their customers during the dedicated server rental phase;


  • Setting up a server with the desired features; The hosting company can make changes such as RAM reinforcement or processor change to create the server you need.
  • Operating system choice belongs to the customer; When you rent a Dedicated Server, you are completely free to choose the platform on which your server will run. You can install the operating system you want and use your server on this platform.
  • Operating system updates; The host company takes care of the operating system for you and handles the updates for you when updates occur.
  • Security maintenance; Instead of personal users, experts in server systems make the necessary optimization adjustments for your server to provide secure service.
  • Data backups; The hosting company performs data backups for you at regular intervals.
  • Hardware failures; Hosting companies are responsible for hardware failures that occur. Therefore, when you rent a Dedicated Server, you do not have to pay when hardware failures occur.

Of course, the features mentioned above may vary due to the hosting companies' own agreements. For example, some companies may offer you the C-panel license you will use, while others may ask for an extra fee or may not interfere at all with the management of your server.


Now, it is time for good news! You can rent a dedicated server fromHostimul and get full access to all of its resources. Our dedicated hosting is a great choice for websites with high traffic and requires data protection. We know, how important are exceptional performance and uninterrupted operation for you. That is why we choose only the best server hardware and the most up-to-date software to provide the highest quality performance when you rent a dedicated server hosting.

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