Why is important to use a website security checker?

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Why is important to use a website security checker?


Usually, we start to think about website security when it's already too late. When you use website security checker you can keep your website secure, which brings benefits not only to your website but also to your users as well. Below you can learn how a website security checker operates. 

What Does a Website Security Checker Do?
Website Security Checker does regular backups of your website in case you need to restore your site to a previous uninfected version. Integrates firewall to protect your site from SQL injection attacks, DDoS attacks, and dreaded comment spam. Website security checker will regularly scan your site for security issues, remove any malware or other threats, and use various methods to keep your site safe and secure on a regular basis. You will receive an alert notification in case if there is a problem and your site is infected with malware. The next step will be giving the best course of action to take to clean up and protect your site. 

Most website security scanners will also have these features:

If you don't use a website security checker, then your site is open to different kind of attacks. Hacking does happen, as a consequence, this could lead to a big problem if you’re the target. 
Let's see the main benefits of using website security checker:

1. Say no to bad publicity
It's very important to remain credible for your visitors. You can do many things to improve visitor trust, like having an accurate design, quality content, intuitive user experience. Imagine what will happen if you go to your site and your links all redirect to a spammy site or, something worse, imagine a hacker steals all of your sensitive customer data. All of these scenarios can be protected by using a website security checker. This security tool will help to protect your site from the above issues and more. 

2. Security vulnerabilities protection
There are more internet threats and security vulnerabilities than completely protected websites. When you keep updated all of your software, plugins, themes, and apps you defend them against known security risks, but what about unknown risks? Security checker can protect your site against present and future risks. 

3.  Сomplete tranquillity
Imagine that you can rest easy knowing that your website is always protected. With a website security checker, you can be sure that your site won't be compromised.
4. Improved Site Performance
Even if your site is experiencing a DDoS attack or has a malware infection, it will not function properly or won’t function at all. Website security checker will protect against threats that make your site work slowly and improve your site's performance as well. 
We recommend Sitelock to all our customers. SiteLock is a website security checker tool available for Hostimul websites. SiteLock automatically removes malware, monitors file changes, and sends you alerts via email or your control panel. 


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