Why use Google Analytics?

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Why use Google Analytics?

If you have a website, you have to use Google Analytics.

There are no exceptions that this is a useful and important tool for every website owner. One of the first things we recommend to website owners when starting a new site is to set up tracking for Google Analytics.

But why is this so important?

Here is an example of the most important benefits that the tool offers.

1. You can see how people find your site

There are now over 1 billion websites. People need to find your website for it to get the work done. Google Analytics has a whole “Acquisition” section dedicated to providing you with information about how your site visitors found you. Google tracks how many people land on your site after clicking the link to search results (organic results), the number of people from the links placed on social networks, from other sites, from paid ads and by entering your website directly into the search.

2. You can track what people do when they are on your site

Attracting people to your site is the first big hurdle you face, but make sure they stick and come back is just as important. Google Analytics also tracks this information. The Behavior section in Google Analytics provides information about how much time they spend on your site. This information will help you understand which parts of your site are being used successfully and determine whether you need to redo design or improve content to keep people longer.

3. You get information about who visits your site and how

Most websites should not reach everyone. Probably the most suitable type of visitor for you. Google Analytics provides information about who visits your site in terms of demographics, geography, and common interests on the Internet. In addition, you can see which browsers they use and which devices they originate.

4. You can find the most popular pages on your site

Virtually every website will have several pages that receive more traffic than others. And you will also have pages that keep people on the site or achieve conversions more than others. If you have content that appreciates or shares, which leads to a disproportionate amount of your traffic, Google Analytics will help you determine it. It is also important that if some pages are particularly well suited for converting visitors to email subscribers or customers, Google Analytics also helps you identify them. When you can pinpoint the pages that work best for your various goals, you can analyze why they work and shape your website promotion strategy based on past successes.

5. It is free

If you have a limited budget, you do not need to spread anything. Google Analytics is 100% free.

6. It is easy

If you are not very tech savvy, listen to great software tools. Because Google Analytics is very intuitive for even newbie website owners with a basic level of tech skills.

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