What Is Web Hosting?

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What Is Web Hosting?

It's awesome when you have something to share with the world! 
You can always find time and way to share your creativity, ideas, and products with people who will be interested in. Creating a website can seem a bit difficult, but it is easier than most people expect it to be.
Before you discover all necessary steps, it's important to define what exactly you want from your website? 

1. Create a blog

Doesn't matter if you share your ideas for fun or it's just part of your business, you'll always need a website to serve as a blog. 

2. Improve your business.

Today most people prefer to look online for places to shop. So, having a website it’s a great way to connect with your prospective customers. 

3. Increase your visibility with a portfolio. 

Did you know that hiring managers are more impressed by a candidate’s online portfolio than any other personal branding tool? If you're a freelance designer, photographer, writer, or another type of independent worker, an online portfolio can show to potential employers projects, designs, case studies, writing samples you’ve worked on.

What do I actually need to create a website?

There three key things you need to build your site: a domain, a web host, and site content. 

1.  Get a domain name

The domain name is your digital address that people will use to get connected to your website. So, the first important step you should do is to choose and register a domain name. 

2. Choose a hosting plan

When someone enters your domain name in a web browser, the browser will carry your website content from your website host. Your website host provides the space, access, hardware, and security your site will need.

3. Site Content

The next step is to put up content to create your site. You should know that the content one of the key components of a successful website. 

What does a web hosting service do? 

1. Hardware:
Your website files usually stored on the server that housed in a data center. 

2. Uptime:
"Uptime" is the amount of time when your site is available to visitors. The industry standard for web hosts is Uptime of 99.9%. 

3. Security:
On the internet, cyber criminals are always trying to break into servers, files, and websites to cause chaos or steal data. Hosting provides your website with security and prevents cyber attacks. 

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