What are the digital trends for 2020?

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What are the digital trends for 2020?


Over the past few years, discussions about digital transformation trends mainly were about cloud technologies, the Internet of things, augmented reality... Its look like 2020 will make a significant difference compared to previous years, putting new trends in the spotlight. Among them: 5G, Artificial Intelligence and other technologies that can be surprising to many. 


Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence is one of the most talked-about topics, being the most popular personalization method in 2018. As 2020 approaches, this trend continues. Using artificial intelligence to provide more personalized services is one of the main goals of brands around the world.

Examples of specific AI technologies include personalization, chatbots, pattern recognition, marketing automation, customer service automation, predictive marketing, and predictive content management.

Artificial intelligence is already used in the food and beverage industry, e-commerce, biomedicine, and healthcare. Food retailers, for example, use big data to determine the best delivery times for their products. This is done by collecting data from different sources, taking into account weather conditions, traffic and temperature. Also, big data can help determine the impact of all these factors on food quality.


Talking about e-commerce, 86% of online shoppers say that personalization plays an important role in their purchasing decisions. Companies use big data to predict the demographics and behavior of their customers, offering discounts aimed at a specific customer.

No human being can provide this level of personalization when AI can do this within milliseconds. Thus, artificial intelligence is becoming a great tool to help marketers achieve their goals.


Internet of things


Although the Internet of Things (IoT) does face some serious challenges, such as generating revenue, the need for artificial intelligence, data security, and compatibility with existing IT applications, the concept has made significant progress.

The number of connected devices increased from 35% in 2017 to 44% in September 2018. Investing in the Internet of things is becoming more cost-effective. Intelligent WAN-Connected Products make remote monitoring and remote maintenance possible, which provides both a reduction in service costs and an increase in the level of service. Analysis of information from a connected product may increase the validity of

Business solutions, improve product design and manufacturing processes.




It is estimated that 2020 will be the year 5G. Next year, 5G is projected to function successfully, thanks to some of the largest telecommunications companies such as Qualcomm, AT & T, Verizon, Nokia, Ericsson, and Huawei, as well as the best manufacturers of Android-based mobile phones in the world that already produce 5G phones. In addition to increasing the speed of broadband access and a more reliable mobile network, the spread of 5G will also accelerate the development of smart cities, smart vehicles and many items that can be connected to the Internet. In other words, the use of 5G will not be limited to mobile phones. Almost every industry that affects our daily lives will change for the better thanks to the rapid development of technology.




According to forecasts, the blockchain will continue to develop by 2020. Companies have already invested more than $ 1.5 billion in blockchain technologies such as Ethereum and Hyperledger and continue to do so - it is expected that by 2022 the number of expenses will increase to $ 11.7 billion.

Moreover, there are real examples of the use of technology, in addition to payments and cryptocurrencies. See how the blockchain will be used, for example, in the field of food safety, intellectual property, as well as real estate management. Thus, 2020 can be the beginning of a real rise in the blockchain.


 Voice search


Voice input is more practical and convenient, which is why it is becoming increasingly relevant. According to experts, by 2020 at least half of the requests will be completed using voice search.

Even though voice search has been around for years, many users have long complained about the poor quality of this method. The reason for this was the inability of the smartphone or the search engine to process the sound, giving out obscure requests as a result.

Today, web development has reached a new level. Many search engines can successfully process requests made even with speech defects.

It should be stated that text and voice requests are significantly different. For example, if during a text request the user types “the best donuts in the city”, then with a voice prompt he would rather say: “Where to eat tasty donuts?” Accordingly, given the analysis of voice requests, online services will redo their content for them.


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