Step by step: Renewing a domain name

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Step by step: Renewing a domain name


The best thing that should be said in the beginning is that your perfect domain can be yours forever.
A domain name is so essential for your business, and the idea of losing it is not attractive at all. You are buying a domain name for some period of time, so keep one's wits about one. Ensuring that your domain stays actively and valid at any moment is a key. Mainly if your domain hosts your business' website or key services such as email. We will help you to outline everything you need to know about the process of domain renewal. 
What is going on when your domain expires? After a domain expires period starts a grace period.  This is a period when a domain owner can renew an expired domain at the regular renewal price, and most of the domain extensions have such an option. You can ask about the grace period from your supplier; typically, it is up to 40 days. If you missed this grace period, then your domain moves to the redemption period. In such state your domain is considered for auction, but you can still repurchase it. In such case, you should contact your domain host and pay an additional fee for repurchase. To look for your domain status, go at At the end of the article, you can find a little help regarding the fields themselves that are present in the domain information.
Reasons to renew 
Keeping your website always up
Your domain is a big part of your branding. All aspects that are connected with your domain will not going to work, so your potential customer can’t reach you. 

Search engine ranking will be protected 
Losing your domain even for a short period of time could have some negative effects on your site’s SEO. Googlebot and other spiders are not friendly towards unavailable content, and even a short "break time" can leave you long-term SEO ramifications.

When to renew?
You will get several notifications about the expiring day; it is typically a reminder before 90 days, 30-day notice, and a 15 day. That is why you need to keep your mailbox updated. In case if you are afraid not to get notifications, watch a domain status and put a warning on your phone. 
How to do it? 
Good news - it's not rocket science. From the menu bar, select Domains - Renew Domains- select domain- add to card. 
The cost to renew is depending upon several factors. Firstly, the choice of registrar. Secondly, the period of time you choose to renew for. Thirdly, the top domain level that you choose.
Hostimul’s domain renewal pricing will be around 14.99 AZN to 169.99AZN per year, depending on the aspects mentioned above. 
Hopefully, we helped you to understand the process of renewing a domain name. 
The domain information terminology:
Domain Name - Domain Name;
Registry Domain ID - domain name identifier in the registry;
WHOIS Registrar - whois registrar service;
Registrar URL - Registrar Site;
Update Date - The date the domain was last changed;
Creation Date - Domain Registration Date;
Registration expiration date - domain registration expiration date;
Registrar - domain name registrar;
IANA Registrar ID - IANA Registrar ID (Internet Assigned Numbers Administration, “Internet Address Space Administration”);
Registrar Abuse Contact Us Email - Domain Name Complaints Email;
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone - Domain Name Complaint Phone Number;
Domain Status - Status, Domain Status;
Name Server - a list of DNS servers supporting the domain;
DNSSEC - zone signatures in accordance with DNSSEC specifications.


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