How to Set a Secure Password?

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How to Set a Secure Password?

A strong password is an important element of online security. But, how to create a secure password and try to remember it? After all, it makes no sense to create a strong password if you will reset whenever you want to log in. 
However, you should think about creating a strong password. Cyber attack is something you’ll never want experience and a strong password is one of the best ways to protect yourself.
Below we share our strategy for creating the strongest password ever: 

Every time you're going to set a password you’ll face with the following traditional password rules:

Include 12 characters as the minimum
Include numbers, symbols, and mixed capitalization
Don’t use dictionary words
Don’t use obvious word combinations
The recommendations above are great for beginners, but they hardly provide you with the strong password.
Another method to find a really strong password is to run your fingers all over your keyboard. This will probably provide you with the longest string of numbers and characters. You can have a good result, especially if you get something like kwf6h7BS73X^Lbax15Npp,596bu179.
Sounds cool, right? Never mind the fact that is nearly impossible to remember!
If you want to create an extra strong password, while it will be something you can actually remember, then try one of the methods below.
Tips for Creating Extra Strong Passwords: 
1. The method of Bruce Schneier’s
In 2008 the famous security expert Bruce Schneier invented a method to create a secure password that he still recommends to this day.

According to his simple advice, all you have to do is take a sentence and turn it into a password. You assign each word a series of characters and letters that will help you remember it. The result would look like this. 

I love peanut butter pretzels = 1<3pnut>

The more random and confusing your characters the better. Using this method all you have to remember is a sentence, instead of random letters and numbers.  

2. Use a Random Words
Create a truly random string of words is another effective method. The overall randomness and various length of words will help you to create a strong password. 
Remember and Secure Your Passwords
The golden rule of creating a strong password is never reusing the same password. Using the same password for multiple platforms you leave your site vulnerable. If one of those other platforms are hacked, then every other instance of that same password is no longer secure. 

The best way to remember the password is to learn it by heart. While you’re still trying to remember the list of all your passwords, in the beginning, you can write them on a piece of paper. Then be sure you destroy it once you have all of your passwords committed to memory.  
If you have difficulties to remember your passwords, then create a secure document where you can save them. However, it’s never a good idea to keep a list of all of your passwords and corresponding platforms on file. If a master document like this is ever hacked, or stolen, then every single one of your passwords is vulnerable. Instead, look into secure password management software. 
Hopefully, the tips above will help you craft extra strong passwords to protect yourself online.


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