How to registrate a domain name?

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How to registrate a domain name?

Each business needs a website. Registering a domain name is the first step towards getting your site online.

Probably you’ve already spent some time searching potential domain names.  İt’s time to take your favorite domain name, register it, and get started building your website. We will show how to register a domain name, how to choose the best domain name possible and some domain registration mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

Selecting the right domain name is very important. it’s main act as the foundation for your brand online. With these visitors remember you by.

Stages to registrate a domain name

When choosing the perfect domain to register for your new website keep the tips below in mind.

1. Take a Few Different Options in Mind

To avoid the frustration make sure you have a list of different domains to choose from. After the brainstorming phase, you’ll probably have a ton of options to choose from.  

2. Choose the Right TLD

If you have to look a domain, and the .com is taken, then you might think about compromising for a different domain name extension. .com is the most popular in terms of popularity, followed by .net, and .org.

3. Keep  your domain name Short, Readable, and Memorable

While being related to your business your domain name should be as short as possible and easy to remember. Think about companies like Apple and Google or websites like Smart Passive Income and Zen Habits. Their domains are short, memorable, and in some cases give you an idea of what the company is about.

How to Register a Domain Name  for your webpage:

You’ll have a few different routes to take on registering a domain name 

  •  Register a domain alongside your hosting
  •  Register a domain name without purchasing hosting

Option 1: How to register a domain and hosting

If you’re signing up for hosting with Hostimul, = you’ll just follow the steps below:

Select your Hostimul web hosting package.
On the next page, register a new domain. Enter your domain name, choose the domain name extension, and Hostimul will tell you if the domain is available.
If found a domain you like that’s available you’ll complete your order and your domain will be ready.

Option 2: How to register a domain without additional hosting

There are dozens of different domain name registrars you can use.

Navigate to the Hostimul for domain name registration.
Enter your likable domain name. The tool will show you if it’s available along with the domain name extensions are available.
Select your desired domain combination and complete the checkout.

Domain Registration Mistakes to Avoid: 

1. Double-Check Spelling

2. Look for Multiple Meanings
 Because some words have more than one meaning.

3. Research First
Be sure you aren’t using the words or phrases of any existed trademark. 

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