How to fix your slow-loading site?

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How to fix your slow-loading site?

The slow loading not only provides a poor user experience but also rank the website lower in the search engines. A few extra seconds could have a significant impact on your ability to engage visitors. So, this means that having a fast site is essential for your website success. 
Fortunately, improving the site speed is not that complicated, as it can seem. Anyway time you'll spend to improve your website loading speed won't be wasted, because of the benefits you'll get after. 
In the following guide, we will explain different ways that can help you to improve your website speed

When you visit a website some elements are stored in a cache, so the next time you visit the same site it can easily access those parts and load much faster. With caching your website won't download every single resource, but only a few of them.
By turning on caching you can considerably improve your site’s loading speed, so it will deliver better user experience. 

Removing Plugins and Add-ons
Too many plugins that run your website not only slowing down its speed, but also make it more vulnerable to cyber attacks. 
The best practice is to do this is to get a baseline test of your loading speed. Then, deactivate one of your plugins at a time. Then, run the speed test with the plugin deactivated.
This might take a while, but it will help you find the plugins that affect your site’s loading speed the most. Next step is to search a less resource-heavy plugin or find a temporary solution.

3. Change the size of your images
If your site has a huge number of images that aren’t optimized, then this will negatively impact your site’s loading speed. Because oversized images require the browser to load larger files. 

Make your code shorter
Sometimes your the code of your website can be a bit long and complicated. This slow down the website's loading speed. You can make a lot of customizations, using a CMS, or website builder and there will be unnecessary line breaks, spaces, and other elements that don’t need to be there.

Use a CDN
The loading speed of your site depends on the proximity of the server's user where the files are stored. Your site will load slower If files located far from the server. You can solve this problem using CDN. A CDN distributes the files of the site through the network of global servers, that way the users can access your site via the closest server.
We hope this tips will help you to improve your website's speed and overall user experience.


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