How to choose a name for a domain?

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How to choose a name for a domain?

Choosing a domain name can be even tougher than choosing a company name. To change a it in the future will cost you a lot of money because of branding and SEO ranking.  The best advice here is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes because a customer will type a domain name in search engines and associate your business with the domain name. Let's see which points you should keep in mind in the domain choosing process.


  1. Don’t forget about diversification

Now maybe you are starting a small business. We are sure that your business will grow, and you will open new sides of the field for yourself. Create a domain with such a name, that in the future will let you diversify your business, without changing a name. You are working hard on the brand. 77 % of customers make purchases based on the brand attached to the product. What’s even crazier is that 90% of those decisions are thought to be made subconsciously based on brand associations with positive feelings. That is why starting with a new site with a new brand is always harder.


  1. Make it easy to spell and write

First of all, start with short names. We are too lazy for long domain names. Names that are longer than 15 characteristics are hard to remember.

A domain name should be easy to spell also – avoid silent letters.

It’s hard to switch the keyword from letters to numbers, keep it in mind for a better user experience.

Last but not least, – avoid using double letters; they just confuse customers.


  1. Use keywords in the name

By choosing a domain name that contains keywords, you are telling the customer what about your business. You are helping search engines too. High-Quality content and keywords in your domain can help you to be on top, according to the search engine ranking.

It doesn’t mean that you should use a plain keyword, because it’s probably not free anymore, try to combine a keyword with other words.


  1. Choose a domain name extension (TLD) that fits

The lots of domain name extensions, but every one of them works in the same way. There is no difference between global and national TLDs, but if you are a local business, then you will probably see more traffic from search engines if you have national TLD. If you are a global business national TLD, you will not put yourself in a losing position. However, you probably will want to register a global TLD for an international business website. Keep in mind the purpose of your business. If you are writing blogs, the best idea for you will be .blog. Extensions also have a meaning: .net is using for the network, .org for the organization, .edu for education, .biz for business, and so on.


  1.  Take your time

Completely normal that a big part of your ideas is already using by other people. Do not despair. Take your time and think harder. You can ask your friends for help. Usually, the best ideas come when you don't wait.

Now when you already have some thoughts about a domain name, you may be interested in checking its availability. How can you make it?  Follow the link and write the name that you are thinking of. The site will show you the availability and will offer other variations that can fit the purpose.

Wish you the best domain name and eCommerce site!

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