How to choose a domain name?

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How to choose a domain name?

Your domain name is more than your online address—it’s your online identity and the public face of your brand. A creative, memorable name plays an important part in attracting new visitors to your site, otherwise, a boring one can also drive them away. Picking the best domain name for your personal or business presence online domain is one of the key components of its success. Take a look at some tips to find your ideal domain name.

Domain name consists of a subdomain name and Top Level Domain (TLD).

First, you need to choose a domain extension.

The extension, the part of your domain name after the “dot”. There are general extensions such as .com, .net, or .edu. The most recognizable extension in the world is still .com, even though many more are now available, and because of its familiarity and association with commerce and reliability. There are also regional extensions - .uk, .ru, .us, .cn  and industry-specific domains, like, .TRAVEL for travel sites,.BIZ for company sites or business information portals, .MOBI for mobile devices and technologies sites. This kind of extensions can help to instantly define the business of a company. 

The choice of domain name extension largely depends on the target market of your website and its content. If you are interested only in the local market, you may use a popular national extension functioning in a given country. This kind of extensions are appreciated in the local markets, but not necessarily known worldwide.

The next step is to choose a domain name.

The domain name will represent your brand online, so it’s important to make it express not only the service or product you offer but also of the values and mission behind the brand. The simplicity plays an important role here - the address of a site consisted of few letters is easy to remember. It is also good if a user is able to type it in the search browser from memory. According to studies the most familiar domain names in the world share some key characteristics: they’re creative, instantly recognizable, easy to pronounce and spell—and short.

If you plan to create a website for an existing company, you can use its name as a domain. But if this domain is already busy or the company is not well-known, try to include to your domain your industry or business segment related words  - so search engines will give preference to your site, displaying it as a result to the user with the corresponding query.

If you own an e-commerce site that sells products or services, you can specify the name of the product or service in the address of the site ( This will help users to understand more about your business.

Use a domain name generator

If you don’t have any ideas or already despair, because every name that you want to choose is already taken, then we suggest using a Domain Name Generator. The Generator will help you gather the best ideas and find a unique and clever name. It’s a great tool, which generates many new domain names on the basis of your indications, and thus stimulate the mind to think and create.


Choosing the right domain name is one of the most difficult moments, so think globally while creating your domain and stick to the simple rules. Pay attention to the fact that a domain name may help you in being remembered by users, but it won’t do anything for you. The most important are the content, the product and the service that you want to share with other people.

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