Hostimul vs Bluehost

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Hostimul vs Bluehost

Behind every successful website is a good hosting company. So which hosting company is the best? How to identify the best hosting companies? Which companies provide the fastest hosting service?


Today we will compare the leading two hosting companies in the industry: Hostimul vs Bluehost


Before going through a comparison between them, we should answer the question:

How did we identify the best hosting company? What are the principal criteria for a good hosting provider?


In the review of the best hosting companies, it should be considered not only performance but also many factors such as reasonable price, technical support, security, reliability, uptime, infrastructure, user opinions, return policy.

Affordable price: You don't want to pay more for a service or product than it's worth, do you? Nobody wants it. The best hosting companies should definitely have affordable pricing.

It is usually paid annually as the hosting service is purchased annually at a much more affordable price.

However, not only the first year price and new customer campaigns but also the renewal prices are very important. Although many companies provide hosting services at very cheap prices in the first year, they demand 2 or even 3 times the second year and after.

To avoid falling into this trap, definitely check your service's renewal fee before purchasing.

Refund period:There is no company that everyone is completely satisfied with. When you do a little research about a company, even if there are many positive comments, you will definitely encounter a few negative comments.

No matter how much research you do, you won't know how good or bad the product is until you test it yourself. Wouldn't it be great if there was a trial period for this? Certainly!

Every hosting company offers you a money-back guarantee within a certain period of time in case you are not satisfied with its services.

The longer the return period, the more you can try the service yourself and get your money back if you are not satisfied.

Uptime:Your users always want to access your site and get service without interruption. For this reason, the best hosting companies should offer their customers a high uptime.

So, what is uptime?

We call uptime the minimum time that a server can actively serve.

It is specified as a percentage (%), and a high percentage indicates that the server will remain active for a long time. This means that the loss of visitors will be minimal.

By looking at the average uptime rate, you can find out how passive the server will be in a month.

Technical Support: If there is anything more important than performance in a hosting company, it is good technical support.

Due to any mistake you make, your site may crash and you may experience more serious problems. Or you may need help with an action you want to take regarding your service.

In such situations where you need help and other problems, you undoubtedly want someone who can support you quickly.


Why should you work with the best hosting companies?

Choosing a hosting company for your website is one of the first and critical choices for success on the Internet.

The hosting company greatly affects the number of visitors to your site and your sales, depending on the speed of your site, uninterrupted broadcasting, user satisfaction, and your position in search engines.

Yes, uptime and speed are the most important and fundamental factors for ranking high in search engine results. Your site should broadcast uninterruptedly, as well as fast.

Apart from this, it is vital to work with an experienced and reliable hosting company for your data and site security.

No user likes a website that is constantly interrupted or loads slowly. These problems can cost you hundreds of customers and thousands of sales.

If you are not satisfied with the hosting company you are currently working with, you do not need to worry about it. Because you can easily transfer your website to another hosting company within minutes.


Bluehost is one of the well-known web hosting solutions companies.

It was founded in 2003 in the United States. This hosting company is owned by Endurance International Group. It is one of the largest web servers hosting more than 2 million domain names. The company operates in Utah. It has an extremely large facility and the number of users is increasing day by day. You can benefit from shared hosting services, WordPress hosting services, and professional hosting services with Bluehost. In addition to all these, many different services are offered. The servers available support many different caching elements such as PHP 7, HTTP 2, and NGINX+.


Matt Heaton originally designed Bluehost in 1996. However, it was implemented in 2003. In 2009, a new feature called CPU throttling was introduced by Bluehost. With CPU throttling, it enables the user to reduce CPU usage when a user pulls more than one server resource at once. Thanks to this feature, CPU usage is significantly reduced and much better performance is achieved. By 2010, the company was acquired by Enduranve International Group. 3 years later, Bluehost introduced its VPS and dedicated server hosting service. With VPS, the virtualization software of a server is divided into multiple servers. In this way, resources can be used in the most efficient way possible. Each VPS works independently of the other as a dedicated server. Bluehost managed to stand out and reach more users with this service.


Bluehost is one of the foreign hosting companies that can be preferred. It is known as one of the few hosting companies in the world. However, some features may not be available in some countries.

In the early days, Bluehost only provided web hosting services. However, later this company has also started to provide VPS, Dedicated WordPress Hosting Cloud hosting, and server services. In other words, if your site does not handle heavy demand, you can easily switch between packages and enjoy the maximum performance without any interruptions.


Bluehost Services

Bluehost offers different packages to its users. Among these packages, people can choose the one that suits them best. In this way, both a professional service can be obtained and productivity can be increased. In this context, the services offered by Bluehost can be listed as follows;

Shared Hosting: Also known as shared hosting, this service is among the most classic choices. It is especially recommended for first-time website owners.

WordPress Hosting: Available only for sites with WordPress installed. The main purpose of providing this service is to provide better options for sites with high visitor numbers.

VPS Hosting: This service provides the opportunity to have a virtual server. It is generally preferred when the shared hosting package is insufficient.

Dedicated Hosting: It is also called a personal server service. Thanks to this service, users have a real server. It is especially recommended for sites that want to be hosting providers and have really large audiences.

All of the services offered by Bluehost have common features. These common features are offered to users as ready-made in all packages. In this context, a powerful control system such as cPanel is provided. In this way, users can manage their websites in a much more professional way. However, cPanel can be a bit challenging for beginners. Over time, users can learn this system. Bluehost also provides reliable technical support. In this way, all possible problems can be successfully eliminated.


As with every domain name provider, Bluehost has different advantages. In this context, Bluehost pros can be listed as follows;

  • There are many different scripts that can be installed with a single click. In this way, it is a great convenience for those who will set up a website from scratch.
  • Advanced technical support is offered. In this way, users can quickly find a solution to any problem they experience.
  • Many different discount options are offered for new enrollees.
  • If users do not like the services, a 30-day refund is offered.
  • Powerful website control panels are available.
  • With the different package options offered, the most suitable package for use can always be preferred.
  • Successful results are obtained in terms of price performance.
  • The boot speed is extremely good according to many providers.
  • The services provided in terms of price-performance have a positive effect.
  • Customer satisfaction is extremely high and this makes them more preferable.

As with every service provider, there are some cons in Bluehost. Bluehost cons can be listed as follows;

  • It may be complicated for beginners.
  • There are still hosting providers that have a better price and the same performance, such as Hostimul


Now, let’sget acquainted with Hostimul.

Although Hostimul was founded in 2017, nowadays they obtain a wide range of services, such as hosting, Virtual Private Server, Cloud VPS, Domain services, and so on. You may ask “why Hostimul?”, What is the biggest role in Hostimul being selected among competitors?

First and foremost, the quality of their services is in an accordance with international quality standards and has been certified by International Organization for Standards(ISO).

It’s a big advantage to a company, as certification of compliance with ISO standards can be a useful tool to add credibility. This demonstrates that a product or service meets the expectations of customers.
The servers they provided run on multi-core (14 cores / 28 streams) Intel Xeon Gold 6132 processors. With a 4 Gbps network connection, we include 256 GB of RAM in each node. The professionals know the difference between Intel Xeon Gold with Intel Xeon Gold; The 14nm Intel Xeon Silver has a Max Turbo clock speed of 3.20 GHz, while the Intel Xeon Gold processor has a Max Turbo clock speed of 4.40GHz. It is more advantageous to use Gold one for SQL Server.

Considering the financial situation of each customer and several important factors, the prices of Hostimul services can vary. The amount of space (several megabytes) that will be given to you within the hosting varies depending on the price. If you are thinking of creating a large website with extensive content, the size of the space allotted to your site should also be wide. So, you spend money as your product needs. That’s the reason that Hostimul is the favorite of main corporations.

Prices that make Hostimulsuperior to its strong competitors like Bluehost begin from 0,88$ (shared hosting monthly). Hostimulstands out especially with the high performance and fast uptime it provides. The most important feature that makes Hostimul so preferable is that it accelerates website uptime flawlessly. Within the scope of the services provided in this context, websites can work extremely quickly. In this case, it allows to increase the traffic on the websites. Testing for Hostimul has produced truly excellent results. In other words, the speed and high performance provided make Hostimul preferable.

Another feature that makes Hostimul preferable is that it provides high features at affordable prices. In this context, hosting prices vary according to the plan to be preferred. Hosting plans can be listed as follows:

Shared Hosting: Shared hosting allows multiple websites to utilize a single shared server. It is a perfect option for new bloggers or small websites that are just getting started online. Hostimul provides you with all the necessary tools to take your idea or business online today. From a one-click application installer to SSL-Certificates you will find everything you need to launch on your new website. You can choose the most suitable shared hosting packages (basic, standard, pro, expert) for your website.

WordPress Hosting:You can create a functional and professional-looking site in minutes with their hosting platforms optimized specifically for WordPress. The latest technologies enable us to provide faster page loading and a higher level of protection against WordPress-specific attacks. Hostimul automatically installs the latest and most secure version of WordPress, letting you focus on what really matters to your business. It also has 3 different packages with prices beginning from 2,35$, which is the cheapest in the market.

VPS Hosting: with VPS, you can share a server, and yet you have a personal server that can be customized according to your needs. In this way, you can avail of excellent service within the cost of Shared Servers. In other words, it is known as the virtual dedicated server or cheap dedicated server. Virtual Private Servers are mainly available in forms. These are Windows VPS, Linux VPS, Container, and Storage VPS.

Dedicated Servers:Dedicated hosting is a great choice for websites with high-traffic requiring a special level of data protection. We know, how important are exceptional performance and uninterrupted operation for you. That is why Hostimul chooses only the best server hardware and the most up-to-date software to provide the highest quality performance when you rent a dedicated server hosting.


Why Hostimul is the right host for you:

  • Hostimul is faster.

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee!

  • unmetered bandwidth

  • user-friendly cPanel

  • 7/24 support

  • free domain

  • unlimited features

  • Website Builder

  • budget-friend prices

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • easy to set up

  • scalable packages



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