Common Questions About Shared Hosting

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Common Questions About Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is one of the most popular web hosting options. It is usually used by beginners who want to get their first websites online as easily as possible. In fact, most website owners use shared hosting for at least a while during their website's career. If you're just starting online, you've probably encountered shared hosting and you've probably got many questions. Some of the most common questions about shared hosting are answered below. 

1. What is shared hosting?

With shared hosting, multiple websites share a single physical server and its resources among the hosted websites. Choosing a shared web hosting plan, you usually get a certain amount of server resources your site can utilize. Commonly, shared hosting one of the most cost-effective option plans out there. Shared hosting is also very starter-friendly, as the hosting company manages server maintenance and all other necessary tasks. Your own website is the only thing you are responsible for.

2. How does shared hosting work?

A shared hosting plan offers you all the necessary tools to build, manage and grow your website. With shared hosting, multiple sites share a single physical server's same hardware and software resources. A shared server usually has pre-installed scripts and software that each server site must use. 

3. What is the difference between shared hosting from dedicated and VPS hosting?

You share a server with dozens, hundreds or even more websites in a shared hosting environment. Compare this with dedicated hosting where you have a whole server. VPS hosting shares some similarities to the shared hosting. For instance, VPS hosting uses a single server, but then that single server is partitioned into multiple virtual server environments. These server environments act as a dedicated hosting environment.

4. What kind of user would the most benefit from shared hosting?

Shared hosting is aimed at beginners. If you are building a website for the first time and you would like to host your own website but outsource many complex technical tasks, then shared hosting is a great choice.
If you have a high - traffic website or a very large website, you 'll want to discover other hosting options, such as dedicated servers or VPS hosting.
We hope the answers above will help you to understand better what shared hosting actually is.  

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