Important steps in building the best e-commerce site

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Important steps in building the best e-commerce site

E-commerce is the fastest growing and one of the most valuable industries. Since the coronavirus outbreak began in China, new cases have been confirmed in more than 100 countries, with thousands of cases reported around the world. We can witness how small changes in consumer behavior due to recent events will become a habit and grow into even greater growth of e-commerce. Considering this it’s the best time to start your own e-commerce site. 


Here are some steps to build the best one:

  • Marketing research 
  • Purchase a domain 
  • Find a developer 
  • Select a hosting company 
  • Get Your SSL Certificate
  • Select a theme for your site 
  • Work on SEO strategy 
  • ​Social media promotion

Marketing Research 

As every first step, this one is the important one, skipping such aspect can be felt later. Marketing market research is one of the varieties of marketing research that studies all aspects of the company's business environment. The result of market research in marketing is an understanding of the activities of competitors, market structure, government decisions in the field of regulation and stimulation of the market, economic trends in the market, the study of technical achievements and many other factors that make up the business environment, which allows you to be closer to the consumer, understand and feel a consumer's needs and mood.


Purchase a domain

What is a domain you can see in our blog here. But right now the main focus is the effect of a domain to the SEO. To tell the truth the best domain is that one which has a keyword in its second-level domain part. This keyword should be as short as possible and tell the maximum about your business. Not the easiest task, right? The best and easiest is here the part of purchasing the domain name at 


Find a developer 

Development of a startup in the initial stage involves the creation of a prototype, for it, you do not need a large startup team, you only need 2-5 developers. Start from searching among your relatives and friends and ask if they have anyone in mind. A couple of developers to start-up through everyone's favorite FFF (family, friends, fools) will definitely be found. If it’s not an option for you can go through the standard process of recruiting. 


Select a hosting company 

The first thing you should pay attention to is the technical specifications. A server is an ordinary computer, in the sense that it has a processor, RAM, and a hard disk. On one server you can host, say, a thousand sites. That is why the Server’s load time is an important point. Many providers have dozens of servers. And it is not known in advance where your site will be placed. Therefore, you won’t be able to evaluate the quality of hosting until you will have to use a test period (often free). The server load can be checked by setting timers according to the site scripts. A few days to collect statistics on the time of page generation (PHP execution and separately processing MySQL queries), then build graphs and see if there is performance degradation in peak hours. Check the support service. They must respond within a reasonable time. During the first month, it is a must point to check, for example, with questions about organizing daily backups. Especially try to contact them at night or on the weekends. You can see the hosting plans at


Get Your SSL Certificate

You have one chance to make a first impression and if people don’t trust you after that first impression, you’re done. Nowadays we like never are obsessed about our data and e-commerce site requires also such details as a debit card in addition to standard usernames and passwords. Do you also think that sharing your passwords with the not secured site is a bad idea? If yes buy one right now.


Select a theme for your site

The design of your site can give you a lot of opportunities, sites with a good design can sell more than ones that don’t follow the particular rules. Here we offer you to take a look at neuromarketing strategies in design, our experience tells that a simple action as changing the color of the button can increase the click rate. Here should be mentioned functional requirements. First of all, you need to prepare a list of functional requirements for your site (for example, a shopping cart, review system, blog, etc.). When choosing a theme, you should look for one that meets most of your requirements, this of course in case you buy a ready-made theme. If you have a developer, then most likely you will completely tailor its functionality to your needs.


Work on SEO strategy

Search engines contribute to brand awareness. High-quality SEO and high-quality website deliver brands there. Organic search is the main part of the effectiveness of the website of most companies, as well as the most important component in attracting users to your website. This is an option that is worth investing in since people who have gained good experience on your site will definitely return to you. Everyone wants a better organic ranking and maximum visibility. Few people realize that optimal user interaction is a big part of how to get there. 


Social media promotion 

Most of the people will tell that social media will not give you a big plus, but if you try to promote one business involving a social media accounts and another with no social media promotion at all, you will definitely see the difference.


You need to point all of these suggestions before you’re ready to ship out any merchandise. As you can see, starting an e-commerce website is quite an involved and detailed process. Do not think that website creation is not an easy task. But we are sure that you will succeed, just try to follow some rules and feel the need of the customers.


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