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Technology and digitalization continue to evolve in our lives by adding new products. As a natural consequence of the rapid change in our lives, it transforms the dynamics of marketing, which takes its essence from people, and brings digital marketing to a much more critical point. So, what will be the trends of 2022 in this transformation of marketing?


Artificial intelligence supported by influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing, which has found more place in marketing campaigns in recent years, reached a global value of 9.7 billion dollars in 2020. Most marketers are known to allocate more than 20 percent of their influencer content. In 2022, it is expected that influencers will reach more people at less cost with artificial intelligence supported by broadcast and measurement systems, and in this way, they will offer more effective solutions to marketers in terms of return on investment.


Hybrid events

Although the effects of Covid-19 have reduced its power, it continues to be effective in many areas. With the pandemic, the activities that were first fully digitalized decreased due to the physical reunion of people. Although the number of physical activities is increasing day by day, the trend is now shifting to hybrid activities, which are a mixture of both. When planning events for 2022, marketers will look more towards events involving technologies such as AR and VR to create a more immersive experience and influence audiences.


Measures for cookies

Consumers, who are exposed to very different content at all hours of the day, on every platform, take a more control-oriented approach over privacy protection and data to protect themselves from this. One of the most important trends to stand out in 2022 will be to gradually remove these protections, which are expressed as third-party cookies. In this regard, applications developed by Google can be used and different CRM campaigns can be organized by collecting permissioned data from consumers.


Data processing applications

The target audience is in channels with very different structures, and a constant stream of data comes from the dispersed structure. The collection, classification, processing, and transformation of this data into meaningful outputs and turning it into the right marketing campaigns are among the trends that will stand out in 2022. In the new year, it will be important for marketers to create a more secure infrastructure by using customer data applications and to turn to the right target with data mining.


Direct shopping on social media

Another marketing application that has risen rapidly in recent times is social media shopping. Consumers generally prefer to shop online through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp groups, especially after the pandemic. Today, many social media platforms also offer new features to make the shopping experience easier. For example, Instagram has rolled out Instagram Checkout in several regions so that customers do not experience the difficulty of a third-party site. Likewise, Facebook has launched Facebook Pay and Facebook Shops option to facilitate communication between brands and customers.


Micro influencers

Influencer marketing, which is one of the main points of digital marketing, will be on the rise in 2022. However, it is among the topics discussed that consumers have lost a little of their trust in those who have a large number of followers. Now, influencer marketing will transition from mega to micro stage. Research shows that consumers mostly believe the recommendations of influencers. That's why brands will continue to choose influencers with thousands of followers to expand their customer base and enjoy lucrative partnerships. However, there will be more niche influencers with a small audience, but with a strong influence, than those that have been used frequently and have come to the fore. In this way, brands will reduce their costs and reintroduce the element of trust.

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