2019 Marketing Goals for Your E-commerce Website

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2019 Marketing Goals for Your E-commerce Website

The online world moves forward. Would be good to consider the goals you have for your website to see if they need some updating. For an e-commerce website, some goals will always stay consistent, but others will change completely year by year.
Here are some good goals to consider setting for your website this year.

1. Increase traffic. 

This goal probably seems banal to you, because almost every site owner is trying to do everything possible to attract as many visitors to his site. But not all traffic is created equal. If most of the site visitors are people who do not need your products, then such marketing, then it’s not doing you much good. For instance, a medical equipment company probably wouldn’t benefit from a huge amount of traffic if most of it was coming from teenagers

2. Grow your email list.

It's very important to attract people to your website and getting them to come back so you can form a constant relationship is even more important. The email list is one of the best tools you have to do. The email marketing has one of the highest conversion rates of the main online marketing tools. That means that one of the best ways to improve your website’s success is growing your email list. Be sure that the emails you send relevant and useful for your subscribers. 

3. Provide a personalized experience to visitors

Each of your visitors interacts with your website in their own way. It possible now using technology to track how people interact with your website and customize their experience on the site as they go. You can suggest items that are similar or complementary to what they’re looking at, or deliver up content on topics that are related to the piece they clicked on. 

One study found that providing a personalized web experience for visitors can raise sales up to 18%. When you make it easier for people to see the parts of your website that are most relevant to them, it increases their chances of having a good experience and continuing their relationship with your brand.

4. Make your website responsive.

It's already well known that to make your website mobile friendly is a very important step. In the coming year, Google’s planning to announce mobile-first indexing. This means that their algorithm will give greater priority to your mobile website in determining rankings.
It means that your mobile website will have the same content and information on it as your desktop website, just visually optimized for a mobile screen. Making your website responsive is one of the best and easiest ways to do that. You should pay attention to your mobile experience and make sure your website is easy and intuitive for people on mobile to use. Mobile’s is likely to continue to become more important with every passing year, so you have to treat it like the priority it is.

5. Create a blog.

Today many businesses have their own blogs. A blog can be a powerful marketing tool. There are already so many blogs, that making your content visible and interesting is increasingly hard. The best way is to consider other types of content to explore. Adding podcasts, videos, or interactive content can help you supplement the blog content you have now and may enable you to find a new audience.
By experimenting with new forms and bringing in new format types, can help you to understand your audience even better and continue to refine your efforts based on what works for them.

6. Increase sales.

For e-commerce businesses, this goal will remain consistent in all times. For your website and business to be successful, you have to be making sales. This list is prepared to help make that happen, but you should also look at your own analytics from past years. Figure out what tactics have worked the best for getting you sales – not just traffic or email signups, but marketing activities specifically led to sales.
While there are general trends each year that should guide what you try, the most important thing you should look to is what’s working best for your particular business. At the end of the day, your business is unique. Only you can work out what makes the most sense for you and your audience. Analyze your metrics and design your marketing plan to optimize doing more of whatever is getting your sales now.

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