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Linux Web Server

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Linux Web Server

What is Linux Web Server?

Window web server and Linux web server are two common platforms that businesses opt for when it comes to saving data on a secured platform and accessing it's comfortable. There is an argument between Microsoft and Linux server about which is a better platform. Microsoft being a common and user-friendly platform is widely used and easy to access. On the other hand, Linux is an open-source platform and offer flexibility in use.

Those who are open to accepting new technology often choose Linux web server over the Microsoft platform. Additionally, Linux provides multiple benefits over Microsoft. Some of them are:

  • Linux being an open-source platform allows users to use software from multiple vendors.
  • The operational cost of the Linux OS on desktop as well as the server is lower than Microsoft.
  • Just like the provision of per-seat costing in Microsoft, Linux does not have such a policy, which made it more affordable.
  • In spite of going through numerous updation users still, face some hiccups while operating Microsoft OS, which is not true with Linux.
  • Linux is a more secure platform than all its competitors. Whether the OS has been installed on the desktop or server, it is hard to breach data security in Linux OS.


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