Linux vs Windows web hosting 

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Linux vs Windows Web Hosting

There has always been this debate of Linux vs Windows web hosting and while it is true that they both offer the VPS hosting servers, there are still many points which would persuade you to choose one over the other.

In order to choose a better option for you, you must ask one question, what kind of an enterprise are you in terms of size and establishment? Linux web hosting has been getting traction among the start-ups because of its functionality and cost-effectiveness. However, Windows is the first choice of already established conglomerates, it always has been. Since Linux web hosting servers are command-line based and if you are well versed and comfortable in working with Linux servers then you should go for Linux web hosting. But, tools with GUI can be interfaced with Linux servers with an added layer of the interface, which would make it easier to manage for new bees. However, this is where Windows web hosting has increased functionality because of its graphical user interface (GUI), this also allows for remote desktop access. Not to mention, the plethora of third-party applications which can be supported on the Windows servers.


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