Linux Hosting vs Windows Hosting

Linux Hosting vs Windows Hosting

You can check Linux Hosting vs Windows Hosting  packages below: 

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More Facts about Linux vs Windows Hosting

Linux and Windows are being used popularly all over the world by webmasters. There are a number of debates you can hear for Linux hosting vs Windows hosting

Linux Hosting  

Linux is known as the open-source operating system and it is being popularly used by developers around the world. Hosting agencies are also using this more than others.

  • Enhanced Security

Linux is known as safer from malware and other harmful bugs compared to Windows. Its open-source nature helps to keep the web performance secure.

  • Stability

Linux is popular for its stability as an operating system. As it is available as an open-source platform, it can be easily adapted to any kind of environment.

  • Affordable Price

Linux is available free of cost. However, if you want to have a license, you can set up Windows on one of your servers.

Windows Hosting

  • Easy to Set-Up

If you are using both platforms, then you are going to get maximum benefits from it. Windows is much easier to set up compared to Linux.

  • Easier for .NET Framework

Windows is suitable for the .NET framework. It will allow you to add more and more features to this hosting.

These are the main fact about Linux vs Windows hosting.Evaluate the perfect hosting platform before going to hire it.

Linux Hosting vs Windows Hosting

You must’ve always heard that you should prefer Linux hosting vs Windows hosting, well, here are a few points which would make a case for Linux web hosting.

  1. Cost-Effective

With Windows web hosting servers one has two pay periodically for the Microsoft software licenses, whereas, Linux web hosting server is an open-source software server that makes them economical. One has to only pay for the maintenance and technical support with Linux, cutting the cost of operations for Linux hosting.

  1. Application Integration

Windows hosting servers are better suited for the integration with products from Microsoft such as Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Access. Linux has better access to applications that are open source, but, in the case of Windows, an extra layer of the interface is required.

  1. Reliability

While Windows hosting servers are robust, Linux hosting servers are more reliable because of employing fewer resources.

  1. Updates and Support

Updates for Linux roll out with newer modifications much frequently as compared to the updates for Windows, which do not roll out as frequently. However, Windows offers better support than Linux servers and it is comparatively easier to install frameworks such as ‘ASP’ and ‘’ on Windows servers.


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