How to Create Additional Users in cPanel?

1. Login to cPanel

2. Choose User Manager tool from Preferences



You will see a list of the user accounts that are already created.


3. Click the Add user button to create a new user account:



In the following page, you will need to fill the basic information about your new user.


4. Continue by filling in the password for the new user account, there are two options available:




The user will set the password: An e-mail with password instructions will be sent to the contact address you specified above. Useful if you want the user themselves to set a password, or if you are creating a lot of users and do not want to set all of their passwords manually.


Set the user’s password: This option allows you to set the user’s password yourself. In this tutorial, we will use this option and input our desired password in the two fields that are given.


You can also click Generate and a random password will be generated, which you can view in plain-text format by clicking the eye icon.


5. Specify which services the user has access to. You can enable/disable service access for that user by clicking the slider next to Disabled/Enabled. In our example, we will enable FTP and Webdisk access for our new user account:




6. Click Create to create your new user.

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