Configuring custom ports in Outlook 2016.

Let's learn how to configure custom ports in Outlook. 

You may need to change the ports your configured email account uses, if for example changes are made on the server requiring the use of different ports. 

This video will show you how to change those ports in the event you ever have to. Click the "File" tab. Then click "Account Settings", and then "Account Settings" again. 

Selects the email account you want to change the ports for, then click "Change". 

Click the "More Settings" button, then click the "Advanced" tab. 

This is where your email account's server ports are listed, and where you can make changes to them. 

Let's assume we need to change to unencrypted connections. 

You can do that clicking the drop down box for connection type then selecting the "None" option. 

Notice how the port number automatically changed to the proper port number for an undencrypted connection. 

When finished, click "OK". Click "Next". 
Once the test is complete, click "Close". Click "Finish". Then click "Close". That's all there is to it!  
This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to configure custom ports in Outlook. 

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