What is the benefits of .com domain

The .com extension is one of the original and most popular top-level domains (TLDs) on the web.
The .com domain was created in 1985 as one of the first six TLDs when the domain name system (DNS) was first implemented. From the beginning, .com was considered a trusted top-level domain before the Internet as we know it even existed.
The very first website with the .com domain name was Symbolics.com, a computer manufacturer. Since then, over 130 million .com domains have been registered.
The "com" in .com means "commercial", making it the ideal choice for a business website. Regardless, any person or organization can register a .com name for their company, blog, or personal site.
If you already have a .biz or .net site, consider supplementing it with .com to protect your brand and receive more site traffic. If you are thinking which TLDs might be suitable for your website, you can be sure that a .com domain guarantees credibility for your online presence. 
Many successful companies around the world and most leading startups have a .com domain name. 

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