What is .info domain ?

The .info domain extension is very popular. It's widely recognized and easy to remember, what makes it a great alternative to .com or .co. Highly likely that anyone seeking credible information will search a .info domain. Additionally, it can help you to get search engine traffic, because of a keyword focused domain name as part of your overall SEO strategy. 
The .info top-level domain isn’t like the other thousands of top-level domains on the market. This innovative domain name was one of the first alternatives to .com. Of the initial release of seven new domain extensions, .info has been one of the most successful, even with the current availability of hundreds of other options.
The .info domain extension was originally intended for informative websites, its use soon broadened to include many other uses. It can be used freely as an alternative to .com and the remaining registered top-level domains.
You might want to register .info domain if:

⦁    You share information, product specifications or research at your site
⦁    The .com version of your name is already busy, but the .info version is available
⦁    You want to create an informational site added to your commercial site 
⦁    You need to connect with international customers

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