What is a .FITNESS domain?

Personal trainers, gym or fitness club owners and all who involved in sports and leading a healthy lifestyle can register the .FITNESS domain. It’s a great way to add an original web address and add a domain ending to your brand name that demonstrates your attitude to fitness.

If you offer personal trainer services, by registering the domain name yourname.fitness instead of yourname.com you are guaranteed to attract the your audience.


Why choose the.FITNESSdomain name?


The word “fitness” is one of the most popular keywords that users search with extraordinary frequency. Users who are looking for various diets, ways to get in shape, the nearest fitness clubs, healthy lifestyle rules, fitness videos and content related to fitness can easily find your site.

If you own a fitness club, gym, or share healthy recipes on your blog, you need to register a .FITNESS domain name for your site.

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