• I need to create a login on my website. How can I do this?

    To create a login on your website, use cPanel's Directory Privacy interface (Home >>Files >> Directory Privacy). Enable password protection and then add the users to whom you wish to grant access.


  • My website asks for a username and password when I try to view it. How can I change this?

    Navigate to cPanel's Directory Privacy interface (Home >>Files >> Directory Privacy). In this interface, you can modify the password protection settings for your domain. If your main domain asks for a password, modify the settings for the public_html directory.

  • How do I add images to my website?

    Upload the image to your site and add an HTML img tag to your website's HTML code. You can perform this action with the HTML Editor in cPanel's File Manager interface  (Home >>Files >> File Manager).

  • How can I back up my complete website to a drive on my computer?

    To perform a complete backup of your website, use the Download or Generate a Full Website Backup feature in cPanel's Backup interface (Home >>Files >> Backup).

  • How can I manage multiple domains through one cPanel account?

    To manage multiple domains with one cPanel account, you can use addon domains.

    • Your account must have a main domain.

    • You can add more domains with cPanel's Addon Domains interface (Home >>Domains >> Addon Domains).

    • Add the domains outside of your public_html directory in order to keep track of them easily.

  • How can I change my password in cPanel?

    If you remember your old password, click Password & Security in the user menu to navigate to cPanel's Password & Security interface (Home >>Preferences >> Password & Security).

    If you forgot your password, your web hosting provider can reset it for you in WHM.