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Windows Server Essentials Certain servers are there in the market that is absolutely perfect for small-sized businesses which have no more than 25 employees. One of them is the Windows server essentials. It is perfect for companies and organizations that have fewer employees a..

2008 and 2008 R2 versions will no longer be supported by Microsoft. You must make decisions about updating the server as the Windows server end of life will happen from January 2020. The time has come for many of you to update to the latest version of the Windows server. Upgradin..

  It is essential for you to know about the Windows server cost beforehand so that you can buy it without much problem. It can cost you a bit higher for the latest version of the Windows server, but it is good to invest in a server that is authentic and original. Though it is ..

  There are some stunning features included in the Windows server core by default which makes you work on a device easily. Whether to install or not the server core is a major question that you may ask. It is the roles and features on which you can depend upon before installin..

Windows Server Backup If you want to restore all the data that you have exchanged and keep a back-up of it, then the best way is to use the Windows server backup. It has some special features so that you can give protection to the data of your mailbox without using traditional..

For those who of you have been looking for something exceptional and unique for your system, the Windows server 2019 VPS has been launched. It is considered to be the next generation VPS hosting service that you can avail for your system. This service of 2019 can be scalable and ..

Windows NTP Server Most of the devices that have modern operating systems are able to synchronize their time system with an NTP server. A service related to the time is already installed within the service list especially in the Windows NTP server and it is enabled by default ..

Windows Hosts File Hosts files are a great alternative method for connecting a remote device with the DNS server. While your query about the DNS server, it may take much time to get the connection. With the help of Windows hosts file, you can easily create a mapping between di..

Windows Hosting Europe Hosting is one thing which is required for every user of systems whether for Windows or other operating systems. Microsoft backs the Windows hosting Europe which allows the users to know about the regular updates. It maintains the security of the server ..

Windows Home Server Home server Windows is the best possible way by which you can access all your important files and documents, photos, and music. You can get access to all these from a single server at the comfort of your home. The Windows home server is actually necessary f..