How to create Tables in a Database with phpMyAdmin?


Login to cPanel.

Under Database, tools select the phpMyAdmin



Select the database you want to work with.

Inside the structure tab, under the list of tables, there will be a place to "Create tables on database."

Enter the name of your table in theNamesection.



Enter the number of columns you want to configure right now in the Number of Columnssection.

Press the Go button to proceed to the next screen.


Define the column(s) by entering the following information:


Name the Column.

Select the Type of data the column will hold.  Some common types include:




INT = Integer (a number without a decimal point)

CHAR = Characters (can hold text up to a specific length)

VARCHAR = Variable Length Characters (a text field that is not a fixed width).

TEXT = For holding large amounts of text.

DATE = Can only hold dates.

DATETIME = Can hold both a date and a time.


The other fields are optional.


Click on Save when you are finished defining your columns.


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