How to Change the Password of An E-mail Account?

You can make changes to your email account through cPanel or webmail. The instructions below will guide you through changing your email password with either method.


Changing Email Password through Webmail


The email account owner can use this method to change the existing password for an email account. It requires the owner to know the old password before a new one can be set.


1.Log into webmail.

2. Navigate to the top toolbar and click on the email address to populate a menu drop down.

3. Click Password & Security.

4. In the Password field, type the new password for the email address.

5. In the Password (Again) field, type the new password again.

6. Click Change Password.


You should receive a confirmation page showing that your password was successfully modified.


Changing Email Password through cPanel


If the email account owner has lost or forgotten the password, the password can be changed through cPanel. This method does not require the old password.

1. Log into cPanel.

2. In the Mail section, click the Email Accounts icon.

3. To the right of the appropriate email account, click Change Password.

4. This will open the Change Mail Account Settings menu.

5. In the Password field, type the new password.

6. In the Password (Again) field, type the new password again.

7. Click Change Password to set the new password.


Note: The Strength Meter will indicate the difficulty of the password you select. We highly recommend that you use a strong password.


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