Fortnite dedicated server

Fortnite dedicated server



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  • CPU AMD EPYC 7402P: 24 Cores, 48 Threads, 2.80Ghz
  • Storage 10x 14TB HDD SATA III 7200rpm / 2x 480GB Enterprise SSD | Hardware RAID-1
  • Bandwidth 100TB traffic per month
  • Uplink 1Gbit/s Guaranteed
  • Region Netherlands
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Fortnite Dedicated Server Allows You to Enjoy Your Favorite Game

There is huge popularity in playing video games with a group. You can easily see a number of video game cafes have filled with video game lovers in cities around the world. However, it is quite easy to understand why the craze of the video game is intact.

Fortnite is a popular name among video game lovers around the world. The exciting steps are truly lovely and people from all age groups join in the game for part of the virtual battlefield. Most of the people complain about the unwanted glitches they face while playing their favorite Fortnite series, which is the result of the lack of dedicated game servers. Most of these complaints are related to slowdown or being hanged. All these issues will be sorted out with the help of the Fortnite dedicated server. But does Fortnite have dedicated servers?

If you want to register at to hire the  Fortnite dedicated server, contact us via live chat right now. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Does Fortnite have Dedicated Servers?

Indeed. There is no officially launched Fortnite dedicated servers available in the market. However, offers dedicated game servers designed for the Fortnite series, which comes with technical modifications to provide better gaming experience with Fortnite dedicated servers. The question is how to hire and install Fortnite dedicated servers, to maximize your gaming experience immediately? There are a number of possible solutions such as hosting a server on your personal computer. However, this practice would not be considered a cost-effective hosting solution since you should leave your computer active all day long. Therefore, we suggest dedicated hosting solutions for a better gaming experience no matter Fortnite or other games and lower bills at the same time. In that way, you will be provided with root access which lets you customize the server suitable for your technical needs and allow a number of users from your friends and game clan. Since the server will be active continuously, your friends and clan members can benefit from your Fortnite dedicated server at the same time with you and it could result in better group gaming experience.

What about Updates?

In case of an update made available by Steam or Fortnite, you will only need to log in to your account and sync the server administration within the software updates, which will only last a few seconds. Thanks to the Fortnite dedicated server, it will be possible to update the game without any interruption and continue your gaming experience smoothly without losing any data or software file.

Fortnite dedicated server will allow you to play your game single-handedly and in this way, there is no glitch to face for. Hostimul is one of the popular service providers that provide Fortnite dedicated server within a pocket-friendly budget. Once you determined your gaming zone, it will provide you with necessary technical assistance. In this way, you’ll be properly treating your clients within a soothing atmosphere. Contact with Hostimul for your Fortnite dedicated server and enjoy your own gaming zone without any hassle.


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