Buy and register a domain

When creating a website, the first step is registering the domain, thus it is necessary to know:

  • which domain zone should be used;
  • where preferable to register the resource;
  • How to move the existing domain to another registrar.

Domain registration process
Regardless of the direction of created websites, domain is the start point for any business to establish their presence on the global internet. Only after the domain name will be purchased, then you can begin the process of developing the website.

The domain name of the website consists of 2 parts:

  • Custom character set, ie any word, written in Latin letters, selected at the discretion of the website owner.
  • Domain zone, the most common of them - .com, .net, .org etc.

Selecting the name of the website
Before registering a domain name you should define the resource name and select the appropriate domain zone. The website name should be simple, easy to remember and be worthwhile. Typically, resource owners pick names based on their subject. To buy a domain with the desired name is not always possible, because dozens of websites with similar names are registered daily, in this case it is recommended to use additional characters.

You can register a domain at Hostimul on an affordable cost by choosing the necessary tariff. We offer the most favorable conditions of cooperation, ensuring the smooth operation of all systems.


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