About Us

Our company is international hosting provider. The company provides the sale of the main products of web hosting, servers and domains.

Hostimul (hosting and stimulus) website is established in 2017. Since 2017, our company provides our individual and commercial customers with high quality hosting products. Our team has great experience and guarantees its customers high results.

Advantages of our company

At present, our company competes on the global market in the field of web hosting. The number of our customers grows incessantly because of the stable technology, affordable and attractive price, also operative support and services during a short period. We also include innovation in our marketing efforts. Therefore, Hostimul keeps its status in local and international level. Our company is expanding thanks to the resolute action of our team.

We are reliable

Hostimul meets the needs of its customers to decrease risks and increase service level with high professionalism. Therefore, customers who choose us are satisfied with our services.

Our company suggests rapid, reliable, qualitative and affordable hosting to satisfy each customer. We are always ready to answer to customers’ questions and solve their problems.

Our highly qualified team is ready to serve you 24/7/365 in every emergency situation.


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  • Abhi Sharma

    I would like to thank Hostimul for excellent services which I had for my own software project, especially supporting customers on dedicated servers.